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The City of Odense is transforming itself into a vibrant city focusing on new technologies and collaboration. Robots, drones, health tech, data centers, real estate and capital connects with esport, music festivals and good food experiences. Odense is the best city for startups in the best European country for doing business. Let’s get connected!

Ready for Industry 5.0?

Come to Odense and join the city transformation

A global industrial transformation is taking place and some key elements are being defined in Odense. The City of Odense is at the heart of Collaborative Industries. Or, to quote Esben Østergaard, founder and CTO of Universal Robots: “While there is a movement globally to create smart factories and make things communicate digitally, a new trend is appearing on the horizon aiming to bring back the human touch in production. The trend is dubbed “Industry 5.0” or collaborative industries.”

This human touch to industrial production will boost creativity as well as productivity. On cluster level it makes Odense a perfect example of how a Triple Helix becomes a Quadruple Helix (companies, university, government and citizens).

It didn’t happen out of the blue. Odense was a traditional industrial city with a lot of factories. The traditional industrial city has over the years evolved into a modern Industry 5.0 City.

Back in the 1980’s Odense Steel Shipyard was the pride of the city and the biggest company with more than 6,000 employees. The biggest containerships in the world were built in Odense. Visionary people started looking at industrial robots in order to compete with low-cost shipyards from Asia. That was the beginning of the robotic focus in Odense.

Today Odense Steel Shipyard no longer exists. But the robotic focus is even more present. Now there are more than 129 companies within robotics and industrial automation with around 3600 employees.

Don’t just expect to find robots on the ground. At the airport in Odense you will find the Danish drone center. UAS Denmark – International Test Center and Cluster. The dedicated drone research center at The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) secures that Odense is the frontier for drone technologies in Europe.

Odense also holds a strong position in Health Technologies. And Facebook is building its new hyperscale data center in Odense, affirming the excellent digital infrastructure and creating additional opportunities for the datacenter market.

Also realtors and real estate investment funds have found their way to Denmark’s 3rd largest city. Investments in the tune of 1,6 million Euro per day are being made in real estate and infrastructure the next 5 years

So there are plenty of reasons to come to Odense – a good place for starting up a business. Odense was awarded The Best City for Startups in Denmark in 2015. And Denmark is the best country in Europe for doing business.

Place your business in Odense and be a part of a very strong ecosystem.


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