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28 national and international companies felt the rush when pitching for smart money among 130 investors

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Three weeks ago, on the 12th of September 2018, the annual match-making event, Odense Investor Summit, was held for the third time. This year, 28 companies took turns pitching their business and solutions in an attempt to find “smart money” among the 130 participating investors.

Foreign and national investors travelled to Odense to attend this year’s summit alongside local investors to experience the latest within new technology. Among the 130 investors, all stages of funding were represented; local early stage investors, pre-seed, seed, Business Angels and European Venture funds, with a total investment possibility of 330 million DKK.

Odense Investor Summit creates a platform where highly specialized companies focusing on robotics, drones, automation and health tech and investors with insight in new technologies can meet. The companies seek capital to pursue the next steps in scaling their businesses, while the investors seek out new investment possibilities.

Prior to the summit, external partners reviewed a pipeline of 40 national and international companies for Odense Seed and Venture to determine how tech- and capital ready the companies and their solutions were. The nine companies with the highest score were selected to pitch on the main stage, while an additional 18 companies were chosen to present their businesses for the investors in a two-minute pitch-interview. The tenth company to pitch on the main stage was the winner of the startup competition, held prior to the summit; Addonaut, an Odense-based company specializing in liquid metal 3D printing. Once the companies were done pitching, the investors had the opportunity to meet them in the bazar to network and discuss the possibilities for future collaboration.

red IMG_8458Lorenz Technology felt the rush
One of the companies pitching on the main stage was Lorenz Technology. An Odense-based company, which produce drone solutions for security tasks and inspections. They have developed a software that makes drones intelligent and able to fly the exact same route each time. Being able to fly standardized routes ensures precision and provides the guard with an overview incomparably better than the one he has on ground when accompanied with a guard dog.

Lorenz Technology recently signed a collaboration agreement with the international guard company G4S and are looking for an investor that can help them scale up the business and match the increasing demand they are experiencing from the market. Kristian Skaarup, CEO at Lorenz Technology, pitched for smart money and terms the summit a success:

“It always gives you a rush to pitch for so many millions. Odense Investor Summit was a success for Lorenz Technology. We got in contact with several investors, both national and international, which can match the internationalization we are facing. By participating at the summit, we are given the opportunity to meet several possible investors and thereby the chance to scale our company faster”.

This year, Odense Investor Summit was held in collaboration with the three-day robotic fair, R-18 in Odense Congress Center and with Nordea as a main sponsor. Read more information about the summit on the webpage and follow LinkedIn to get the newest updates and the date for Odense Investor Summit 2019 (soon to be announced).


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