A FundingCoach made it easier for Produktionsteknik to expand its business

Invest in Odense cases

In cooperation with Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark, Invest in Odense gives companies the possibility to connect with a FundingCoach. A FundingCoach is an independent expert with experience and skills within financing, who has a broad network and access to financial actors, business angels, venture funds etc.

The overall goal of a FundingCoach is to explore the financing possibilities and provide the company with a suitable financial source that ensures continuous growth. A FundingCoach will also supply vital knowledge and linkages to networks relevant to the growth opportunities of the company.

The local company Produktionsteknik is a sub-supplier to the robotics industry with high growth ambitions and a solid operation and development. But as a sub-supplier the liquidity can be a challenge in order to go for the bigger customers. To help in solving this issue Invest in Odense teamed Produktionsteknik up with a FundingCoach.

As a result of the cooperation Produktionsteknik got better access to capital, improved interest rates, and switched financial partners to one of Invest in Odense’s service providers. Now Produktionsteknik is ready to meet the challenges and grow in the future.

“With the financial improvements generated in cooperation with the FundingCoach we are now able to attract and sell to larger customers and take larger orders. This has pushed the development of the company in the right direction, and we have employed new people to keep up with the demand”, says Peter Mørk, CEO and founder of Produktionsteknik.

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