A smooth and easy move

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Roi Rodriguez de Bernardo, Coordinator of Robot Union and IMPACT Growth acceleration programs at FundingBox, is a technical engineer turned manager of acceleration programs for companies across Europe. Here is Roi himself, talking about robotics in Odense, why moving to Odense was so easy and an expat life.

With a background in telecommunication and an experience in running the activities at FundingBox and IMPACT accelerator since 2015, he now has begun a new journey at the beginning of 2018. The move was ignited by Roi joining the RobotUnion team. As he says, “being in Odense – one of the biggest hubs within robotics, makes a lot of sense, working closely in a cluster with our partners at DTI, MADE, City of Odense and Invest in Odense.”

The aim of the accelerator is of course to continue working within robotics, but as Roi also mentioned, they will be launching some new projects within that area with a special focus on for example, AI. Therefore, he continues, “being in a cluster with such a growth within the last years and success stories such as UR, MiR and OnRobot is a great opportunity for us”.

After moving to Brazil, moving to Denmark was an easy ride for Roi and his family, his wife and a son. The relocation process started this June, when the family got support from the local organization, International Community Odense, an initiative aimed at welcoming international employees and their families to Odense, helping them settle, and introducing them to social networks and activities around the city. As Roi also points out, with the help in finding the apartment and all of the paperwork, settling in Odense was smooth and easy, thanks to the municipality.

“When moving to another country there is always a certain level of fear, but everything went really smooth. My son is going to International School, here in Odense and he is enjoying it. He made friends quite fast and he’s very happy. Same goes with my wife, she is also happy with living here.”

The Danish way of working was not foreign to Roi, as he previously interacted with Danish companies, and as he says, he knew it was going to be a good experience. Talking about the first impressions of a life outside of work, Roi is quick to point out what Odense has to offer on a cultural side. “Every weekend you have an interesting event, for different target groups (…) And in certain parts of the city you feel like in a fairytale (expl. Odense is a hometown of Hans Christian Andersen)”.

Roi’s story shows that Odense is not only the place for robotics enthusiasts, but is also a great environment for expacts, both pre- and post-move. If you want to know more about what kind of support, you can receive from International Community Odense and what are the possibilities in Odense for you can find it here.