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A stepping stone to Europe

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It was a dialogue with Invest in Denmark in April 2017 that showed the Icelandic company, Kara Connect, that Denmark could be a stepping stone to the international market.

The company has currently established their Danish VAT with an address in Odense and become a member of Welfare Tech. They are also a part of the business development program Scale Up Denmark, Health and Welfare.

Kara Connect is an Icelandic startup developing a new communications technology and virtual business platform for specialists in health and education Since their launch last summer, over 8000 video sessions have been delivered via Kara and that’s just in tiny little Iceland. Kara is expanding very fast in Iceland both in the private and public sectors and is now starting a pilot project with the National Hospital.

Building up the Odense office
Since her first visit to Odense in June last year, Kara Connect’s founder and CEO, Thorbjörg Helga, has visited Denmark five times to establish connections to business partners, get market knowledge and network with like-minded people. Kara Connect is now in dialogue with Danish municipalities interested in trying the Kara platform. She has also met with a number of specialists, mainly psychologists, and the feedback has been unanimously positive, she says. These specialists see how Kara can help them drastically simplify their actual business and in effect make the whole process of treatment or service a more efficient and effective method of practice.

Kara Connect plans to open an office in Denmark to achieve their long-term business goals and to be able to build relationships locally. Thorbjörg has already been looking into some office spaces in Odense and the company is currently considering sending some of the Icelandic team members to join the Danish Kara Connect and move to Odense. The company plans to hire a local person with extensive experience in sales and marketing, like a country manager or even a person that will also take care of international opportunities.

As Kara answers a clear demand in Europe, the Kara team is optimistic, social impact driven and looking forward to being able to have a strong social impact by introducing Kara to specialists in Denmark and all over Europe.


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