Munkebjerg business park

Barfoed Group invests 1.7 billion DKK in Campus Odense area over the next 4-5 years

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As the interest for the Campus Odense area increases, the business area is significantly expanding to meet the increased interest and demand. Barfoed Group sees the opportunities and the demands for the area. They have invested in the area by building new offices for the incoming businesses, more precisely Munkebjerg Business Park. 

The companies have seen the opportunities and the benefits of Campus Odense. The potentials of the close connection with the University of Southern Denmark is to be part of the research environment that will shape potential future employee. Campus Odense is a modern part of the city that aims to house private apartments, student housing, as well as small and medium sized companies that wish to be part of the development of new technologies within robotics, drones and health tech. Therefore, it is no surprise that Barfoed Group focuses on attracting businesses away from the city center and closer the new booming part of the city.

The Munkebjerg Business Park will, when fully developed in 4-5 years, cover 65,000 sqm with a investment volume of 1.7 billion DKK. The Business Park kicked off in May 2019. It is the result of close cooperation between city planners and Barfoed Group to create a new exciting business district at the university. Munkebjerg Business Park is a key part of the total project and offers companies a prime location ,with modern and environmental buildings in Scandinavian design, by Juul & Frost Architects. The group CEO, Frederik Barfoed, describes Munkebjerg Business Park:

It is going to be a genuine good project, and the building is going to form a nice portal for Odense, when you enter the city and Campus Odense. But also, a nice portal for the whole area of Munkebjerg Park. We focused on attracting the most ambitious companies, and we are very proud to build local headquarters for some of the cities larger companies. We highly value to deliver good frameworks for the office-building.

Barfoed Group has already pre-leased a large portion of the offices out to Nykredit, Totalkredit and PwC. The new tenant shave chosen Munkebjerg Business Park due to the location, which makes it convenient for their clients to visit companies and the new attractive offices. Barfoed Group writes on the website that location and attractive work environments are important when attracting and maintaining employees to the area. And the development of the Campus has sparked an interest in the area, Frederik Barfoed says:

The demand for location in the area [Campus Odense] has increased, and we are in dialogue with more companies, who have also indicated interest in the new rentals, but wish to wait a few years to the second phase of the Munkebjerg Business Park.

The building process started officially on May 2nd, when the Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel, cut the first sod. The first part of the Munkebjerg Business Park is expected to open by 2020, where the first renters are expected to move in.

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