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Breaking: A new Odense Startup Loan is on the line at this year’s Odense Investor Summit

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At Odense Investor Summit, on Wednesday 12th of September, Syddansk Innovation A/S (SDI) will launch the Odense Startup Loan – a loan of up to 500.000 DKK targeted at Denmark’s tech-heavy startups.

“We are pleased to announce Odense Startup Loan to Denmark’s most capital-intensive pre-seed tech-startups. It is our ambition that the loan will enable Odense’s knowledge-intensive startups from the universities and other knowledge-intensive environments to survive the infamous valley of death, where private investors are hesitant to invest”, says Helge Holm-Larsen, CEO at SDI.

The winner of the loan will be announced on stage at the Odense Investor Summit, but neither the startups nor the organizers of the event will know who SDI has chosen beforehand. “It is going to be difficult to decide who should benefit from this opportunity”, says Helge Holm-Larsen, and continues: “We are trying to strike a balance between choosing the best startup with the most profound potential and the startup where the money will make the biggest difference. Ensuring that the loan is truly decisive for the startup’s development has been a key priority for us.”

Helge Holm-Larsen points out that the quality of the startups at the summit is impressive, and that SDI looks into several of the startups at the summit in relation to bigger rounds of investments. “It is our hope that the exposure of the winners on the summit will create interest among possible co-investors for the winning company’s next capital round. Part of the strategy is that the loan is made contingent on solid milestones that the startups must prove they can realize on time. And when they have done so, we and other investors will be ready with the cheque”.

The loan will be awarded on stage and comes with the sole limitation that the subsequent due-diligence process cannot reveal conditions that deviate significantly from the investor material that SDI have been presented beforehand.  Syddansk Innovation is a state-approved innovation environment with 20 years of investment experience in the pre-seed space. Syddansk Innovation has a special focus on globally scalable startups within robotics and industry 4.0. SDI was the first investor in Universal Robots and has a portfolio of more than 60 companies, of which nine are within robotics. You can read more about SDI on their webpage.

We are, at Odense Investor Summit, pleased to have SDI joining the summit for the third year in a row!


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