Buind moves closer to UR+ and Odense Robotics

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The Norwegian company Buind AS is known for precision machining, as well as robotization, they were also one of the first distributors of Universal Robots in Norway. Buind has also developed SmartShift – a fully automated tool changing system developed for all current Universal Robots arms and a part of the UR+ program.

Invest in Odense first met with owner, Kjell Buind, at Automatica 2018, and had a dialogue about the advantages of establishing in Odense. Odense Robotics and the Universal Robots UR+ program play a major role in the appeal of the company’s expansion

“Our SmartShift tool changing system has been thoroughly tested by Universal Robots and we’re proud to say that we’ve been UR+ Certified! UR+ Certification is a seal of approval from Universal Robots that not only guarrantees the quailty of our product it also allows us to display our product on their online showroom right on their webpage. That shows their confidence in us, something we’re very proud of! Being closer connected to UR+ and to Odense Robotics is a huge advantage for us”, Kjell Buind says.

The local accounting company, Beierholm, which is one of the Service Providers in Invest in Odense’s network, is helping Buind establish in Denmark. The first step is employing 2 sales people for the Odense office.


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