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Robotic Vertical Farming from Funen

Emma Louise Worm cases, Robotics

Vergromat has developed a new system that has the potential to transform and influence vertical farming technology. The new vertical farming solution aims to help decrease the production sites’ energy consumption by up to 80%. As the world population continues to grow, and almost reach a total of 8 billion people, it also causes some challenges for the world. As …


Robotics community in Odense creates value and impresses global industry partners

Emma Louise Worm cases, Seed and Venture Capital

The 32 selected Danish and international companies presented their visions to 150 investors visiting Odense Investor Summit last week. Investors had their booming wallets out looking for a good investment, and they were not disappointed. Odense Investor Summit is the largest event of its kind for direct investments in the world-famous Danish robotics cluster. With an estimated growth of up …

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German Futrue Group enter Danish Cannabis market – Creating 100 jobs on Funen

Emma Louise Worm cases, Medical Cannabis

Futrue Group is a German pharma investor with more than 70 approved pharmaceuticals on the market. For them medical cannabis is a new opportunity, but in Germany cannabis growth is limited to only 10,4 tons per 4 years. This is far from enough when the ambition is to create one of Europe’s largest facilities for producing medical cannabis. Instead Futrue …

Healthcare DK

National Visitor Center strengthens the promotion of Danish healthcare solutions internationally

Emma Louise Worm cases, Health Tech

A national visitor center will be established in Odense, Denmark, with the purpose of strengthening international branding and promotion of Danish products and solutions within the field of healthcare and assisted living. International decision makers and high-level executives show great interest in the development of the Danish healthcare system and Danish strengths in healthcare. The interest can be seen through …


PorcoVision’s AI will save piglets at birth

Invest in Odense cases, Robotics

Three entrepreneurs had an idea about ​​how farmers can reduce the death rate in newborn piglets. The idea is so good that the trio behind the company PorcoVision have been rewarded with a place in the European acceleration program for robotics companies RobotUnion. The farmer is alerted of complications Farmers are busy, but the Odense-based company PorcoVision may help them …


Spectrum Therapeutics becomes the first approved producer of Medical Cannabis in Denmark

Emma Louise Worm cases, Medical Cannabis

At the beginning of May, Spectrum Therapeutics (previously Spectrum Cannabis) announced that they have, as the first Danish cannabis producer, received approval from the Danish Medicines Agency (Lægemiddelstyrelsen). Thereby, they will enter the second phase of the medical cannabis trial and start producing medical cannabis for the hungry European market. Receiving the approval from the Danish Medicines Agency gives Spectrum Therapeutics …

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Rob Desborough and Pan Peng confirmed keynote speakers at Odense Investor Summit 2019

Emma Louise Worm cases, Seed and Venture Capital

Two renowned keynote speakers mark Odense Investor Summit’s increasing international importance. Global Venture Capital is turning its attention towards Odense.  This year’s Investor Summit (June 26) will host a wealth of selected startups, pitching for approximately 100 venture capitalists and business angels. Rob Desborough The first keynote speaker is Rob Desborough, who has over 15 years technology Venture Capital experience …

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The future is collaborative – and autonomous

Emma Louise Worm cases, Robotics

Collaborative robots (Cobots) were all over Automate in Chicago (April 8-11, 2019) – show casing Cobots dominant role in future manufacturing. Companies from Odense are playing a key role in this development. If one stepped outside of Automate, the buzz centered around autonomous mobility. The City Council of Odense has high ambitions for the city, as they wish to transform …


This year’s WHINN is now open for registration

Emma Louise Worm cases, Health Tech

One day of delegation visits to health tech companies and institutions, two days of conferences in the very heart of healthcare innovation. Enough reasons to visit the Week of Health and Innovation WHINN 19 in Odense, November 19th – 21st.  “Healthcare and health tech have been of interest to us for years, we also want to take part in advancing the Danish …

Automate video

Why Odense stole the show at Automate 2019

Emma Louise Worm cases, Robotics

The robotics companies from Odense were indeed the focus at this year’s Automate in Chicago. Universal Robots (UR) and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) stood out of the crowd. With all the awareness on the robotics companies, it naturally drew a lot of attention on city of Odense. Journalists and reporters were interested in hearing more about this small city and …