April Conference: How can Industry 4.0 help optimize your company´s production?

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– The meeting between humans and technology Industries in Denmark are increasingly incorporating new technologies in order to optimize their internal production processes. Although there is still a degree of confusion over Industry 4.0, it offers companies a wide range of possibilities, from general development of a solid data foundation to use of virtual and augmented reality in production, repair …


The robotics cluster attracts Swedish company to Odense

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The Swedish company RobNor has several years of service behind them, however they still see the possibilities of collaborating. That is one of the reasons why they have chosen to move to Odense and become a part of the robotics cluster and its network. RobNor is a Swedish company based in Malmø, which since 2010 has delivered automation projects and …

Octarotor drone flying in on a dramatic cloudy sky.

Danish Defence is opening Drone test and R&D center in Odense

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The National Drone Cluster, UAS Denmark, which has grown to 165 drone related member companies since 2013, has become part of the most recent Danish defence agreement, which ensures activities in HCA Airport by the Danish Defence – The armed forces in Denmark. On 28 January 2018, a new defence agreement was announced, which will ensure continued development of Denmark’s drone …


New Plug and Play apartments in Odense

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A new concept for rental accommodation is coming to Odense this spring: 26 fully furnished and maintained apartments, that include concierge services will be available for monthly rentals. The apartments are maintained, include a monthly cleaning as well as the 24 hours concierge service guarantee as part of the rent. This will ensures foreign guests a quick assistance in common …

Japanese TV

Danish Hygge and Robots on Japanese TV

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“At this visit, I have really experienced your [ed. The Danish] lifestyle and mindset. It is very inspiring and I want to put this essence of Denmark into the design of our furniture”.    These were the words of Yukio Sada, CEO of the Japanese startup company I&C, after a three day visit in Odense. I&C designs furniture and wants …

Training session feb 2018 Kara connect

A stepping stone to Europe

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It was a dialogue with Invest in Denmark in April 2017 that showed the Icelandic company, Kara Connect, that Denmark could be a stepping stone to the international market. The company has currently established their Danish VAT with an address in Odense and become a member of Welfare Tech. They are also a part of the business development program Scale …

Gibotech hospital

Nordic partnership within automated sterile storage based in Odense

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When located in Odense, what makes you reach international hospitals faster? For the robot company Gibotech/Gibocare, the answer is a partnership with one of the big players on the Swedish health tech market, Getinge AB. Getinge AB has reached a market value of around 2,6 billion euros delivering health tech equipment to the healthcare sector on 40 markets. The new partnership with …

prescaleup_logo m. ramme

“This is a great idea! Now I want to make money”

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A new health tech start up program for stubborn and ambitious start ups and students in Southern Denmark. To take part in the new health tech start up program you don’t need to have a CVR number yet. What you do need is an idea for a healthcare solution, and the stubbornness to work hard to make it happen – …


Kubo Robotic’s entire production value chain within 50 km from Odense

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The Funen robotic industry is growing and developing, and this has a positive impact on the Funen subcontractors. One of the successes in the industry is Kubo Robotics, whose production of a learning robot creates jobs on Funen. Kubo Robotics has, since they started the production of the learning robot Kubo back in 2015, had remarkable success on the market. …


The robotics cluster in Odense is accelerating its rapid growth

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The robotics cluster in Odense is growing at a high speed and faster than expected. During the last two years the number of companies and the number of employees have grown by +40 %. There are now 120 companies in the robotics cluster. These companies employed 3,200 people at the end of 2017 – with the number expected to grow …