How to become the world leader of collaborative applications

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OnRobot is poised for global expansion. A few months ago, OnRobot revealed a new merger of three companies. Then investment capital from Summit Partners was announced, and recently OnRobot acquired Purple Robotics to make OnRobot the world leader of collaborative applications. Merger Headquartered in Odense, OnRobot is a leading provider of hardware and software that help customers take full advantage …


Three Odense-based robotic companies are among the winners in a European acceleration program

Invest in Odense cases, Robotics

Denmark is well represented in Europe’s largest acceleration program for robot technology companies, RobotUnion. Four out of the 20 seats in the program have been conquered by Danish companies – and three of them are from Odense.  The four Danish startups are behind ideas that span from a robot that measures intestines for sausages to a robotic glove that can …


New joint venture will robotize the egg industry

Invest in Odense cases, Robotics

Gibotech and Sanovo Technology Group join together in a new robot adventure.  A more than successful project during the summer sparks an even closer cooperation between Gibotech and Sanovo Technology Group, resulting in a new robotic company, Sanovo Technology Robotics A/S. The two neighbors have exploited the advantages from being situated side by side in Odense, which is rapidly becoming …


Buind moves closer to UR+ and Odense Robotics

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The Norwegian company Buind AS is known for precision machining, as well as robotization, they were also one of the first distributors of Universal Robots in Norway. Buind has also developed SmartShift – a fully automated tool changing system developed for all current Universal Robots arms and a part of the UR+ program. Invest in Odense first met with owner, …

R-18 Samuelsen

More than 5,000 visited the robot fair R-18

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The new robot fair R-18 started off well. Over a period of three-days (September 11th-13th), 5071 people visited the two simultaneous fairs R-18 and E-18 at Odense Congress Center. “I’m proud of the new robot fair. There has been a really intense and good mood in the robot hall all three days, and at the same time we managed to …

WHINN 2017

International partner is now a part of the WHINN Programme Committee 2018

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The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) is similar to a cluster organisation within health and social care. ECHAlliance is spread through Europe, USA, Canada and China with a presence in 40+ countries. This year, the health tech and innovation conference, WHINN, is proud to announce that the ECHAlliance is now a part of the WHINN Programme Committee 2018. The ECHAlliance …

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Investors look to health tech companies from Odense

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

Health tech companies in Odense have peaked the interests of several investors in recent months– and for good reason: The ecosystem is booming! RSP Systems and Suma Care are two examples of companies that of raised millions from investors. The Odense Investor Summit also drew more than 130 investor participants.   Recently, 28 companies within robot-, drone- and health tech …

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28 national and international companies felt the rush when pitching for smart money among 130 investors

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Three weeks ago, on the 12th of September 2018, the annual match-making event, Odense Investor Summit, was held for the third time. This year, 28 companies took turns pitching their business and solutions in an attempt to find “smart money” among the 130 participating investors. Foreign and national investors travelled to Odense to attend this year’s summit alongside local investors to …

Odense StartUp Loan Com. (1)

Breaking: A new Odense Startup Loan is on the line at this year’s Odense Investor Summit

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At Odense Investor Summit, on Wednesday 12th of September, Syddansk Innovation A/S (SDI) will launch the Odense Startup Loan – a loan of up to 500.000 DKK targeted at Denmark’s tech-heavy startups. “We are pleased to announce Odense Startup Loan to Denmark’s most capital-intensive pre-seed tech-startups. It is our ambition that the loan will enable Odense’s knowledge-intensive startups from the …

Odense Investor Summit logo INT NEG

Do you want to meet capital seeking companies or investors?

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Odense Investor Summit is still a couple of weeks away, but already now the company line-up looks strong! As the investments in new technologies increase year after year, Odense Seed and Venture is hosting this annual event for the third time. The people invited are investors and capital-seeking companies focusing on robotics, drones, automation and health tech.  Odense Investor Summit, …