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400 million households now know about KUBO and Odense

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A lot of insight and good information about KUBO and Odense Robotics! Euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe, visited Odense Robotics a few weeks ago to make this episode of Business Planet:   To learn more visit: EuroNews, How a puzzle based educational robot was born in Odense or  


Odense University Hospital tests intelligent medicine cabinet from NewIcon

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NewIcon takes their first step into the Danish market More efficient handling and better patient safety is important for Odense University Hospital (OUH). That’s why they are testing the new electronic medicine cabinet, eMed cabinet, from NewIcon. For the Finnish robot company, NewIcon, the test is their first step into the Danish market. “There is of course a huge potential …


Living and Working with Robots

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From Odense to Edinburgh and back European Robotics Forum, Edinburgh 22-24 of March 50 percent growth within robotics is a not such an uncommon growth rate. Five years ago, in 2012, the European Robotics Forum (ERF) was organized in Odense with around 500 participants, mainly scientists, researchers and robotics officials from the European Commission. This year, ERF was held in …


Hundreds of local companies want to build for Facebook

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The construction of Facebook’s newest and most advanced data center will happen in a time of many large and visionary construction projects currently underway in Odense. As a major construction project running over a three-year period, there will be an ongoing need to source both labor and materials, and Facebook is determined to do that locally whenever possible. On Thursday, …


Experienced investors invest millions into On Robot

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In 2016 more than 100 million Euros were invested in robotic companies in Odense. In 2017 the investments continue. On Robot got experienced investors on board and is ready to conquer the global market. The Odense based company On Robot has developed two collaborative grippers (RG2 and RG6), which are easily mounted on robots from Universal Robots. The new RG6 …

VTOL mljet

Kapetair lands in Odense

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The Croatian drone company Kapetair VTOL UAV Systems has just opened an office at the Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense, Denmark. According to Luca Kapeter, founder of Kapetair, the company chose Odense because of the industry focus and the great test facilities. “Kapetair has acknowledged danish industry as an early adopter of our technology, due to its strate”gic interest …

Newicon 1

NewIcon established in Odense

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The Finnish company NewIcon has recently established a Danish subsidiary in Odense, Denmark. NewIcon chose Denmark, because the country has dozens of projects underway where new hospitals are being built and old ones are renovated. “Hospitals are looking for modern solutions, and aim to improve efficiency through centralization. We are very keen to bring our novel solutions to Denmark and …


Save the dates: 10th to 12th October 2017

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Join WHINN – Week of Health and INNovation For the third time Odense will be hosting WHINN. Last year 1400 people joined in and all came with similar goals: to be inspired in their work, be introduced to new solutions and meet new people who might be able to help them in future business ventures and collaborations. The WHINN team …



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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the big issues and best business ideas, to build new relationships, and to shape the agenda for European business. For two days we bring together some of the best thinkers and CEOs in the world focusing on the top issues of today As a business leader you attend several events, but you’ve never …