How to do business – at a music festival

Invest in Odense cases, Data Center

Invest in Odense visited the Tinderbox Festival with 75 VIP’s to do business and listen to music. The Tinderbox Festival is a clear symbol of the transformation happening in the City of Odense. 3 days of live music with great international and national bands. In June 2017 the festival took place for the third time. More than 40,000 people came …


Hundreds of local companies want to build for Facebook

Invest in Odense cases, Data Center

The construction of Facebook’s newest and most advanced data center will happen in a time of many large and visionary construction projects currently underway in Odense. As a major construction project running over a three-year period, there will be an ongoing need to source both labor and materials, and Facebook is determined to do that locally whenever possible. On Thursday, …