Tender loving care

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

When Tunstall Nordic earlier this year acquired the Odense based company EWII Telecare for an unspecified double-digit million Euro and turned it into Tunstall Health, one of the main reasons was that EWII Telecare was prequalified for the Joint Tender of Telemedicine for people with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) run by the Danish regions and municipalities. In 2017, the …


Increased activity brings MariCare to Odense

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

MariCare is already an active company in Welfare Tech’s network, and within the last year they have increased their activity on the Danish market. Now the Finnish company opens an office in The Science Park in Odense. E-lea is the newest of MariCares solutions to the eldercare sector. The sensor solution can easily be installed in homes of elderly or …

WHINN 2017

International partner is now a part of the WHINN Programme Committee 2018

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

The European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) is similar to a cluster organisation within health and social care. ECHAlliance is spread through Europe, USA, Canada and China with a presence in 40+ countries. This year, the health tech and innovation conference, WHINN, is proud to announce that the ECHAlliance is now a part of the WHINN Programme Committee 2018. The ECHAlliance …

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Investors look to health tech companies from Odense

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

Health tech companies in Odense have peaked the interests of several investors in recent months– and for good reason: The ecosystem is booming! RSP Systems and Suma Care are two examples of companies that of raised millions from investors. The Odense Investor Summit also drew more than 130 investor participants.   Recently, 28 companies within robot-, drone- and health tech …

Japanese TV

Danish Hygge and Robots on Japanese TV

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

“At this visit, I have really experienced your [ed. The Danish] lifestyle and mindset. It is very inspiring and I want to put this essence of Denmark into the design of our furniture”.    These were the words of Yukio Sada, CEO of the Japanese startup company I&C, after a three day visit in Odense. I&C designs furniture and wants …

Training session feb 2018 Kara connect

A stepping stone to Europe

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

It was a dialogue with Invest in Denmark in April 2017 that showed the Icelandic company, Kara Connect, that Denmark could be a stepping stone to the international market. The company has currently established their Danish VAT with an address in Odense and become a member of Welfare Tech. They are also a part of the business development program Scale …

Gibotech hospital

Nordic partnership within automated sterile storage based in Odense

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

When located in Odense, what makes you reach international hospitals faster? For the robot company Gibotech/Gibocare, the answer is a partnership with one of the big players on the Swedish health tech market, Getinge AB. Getinge AB has reached a market value of around 2,6 billion euros delivering health tech equipment to the healthcare sector on 40 markets. The new partnership with …

prescaleup_logo m. ramme

“This is a great idea! Now I want to make money”

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

A new health tech start up program for stubborn and ambitious start ups and students in Southern Denmark. To take part in the new health tech start up program you don’t need to have a CVR number yet. What you do need is an idea for a healthcare solution, and the stubbornness to work hard to make it happen – …


Japanese company opens offices in New York and Odense

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

The Japanese company I&C has opened two international offices in 2017. One in New York and one in Odense, where they wish to take advantage of the network opportunities and the high level of activities. The Japanese company designs furniture for the Japanese market. Their philosophy is that quality and design must be high class and at the same time …

Canopy Growth

Europe’s largest cannabis production in Odense

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

Canopy Growth Corporation – a global leader within cannabis production –  from Canada, has made a joint venture with Danish Cannabis. The new company has been named Spectrum Cannabis Denmark. It is set to become a leader in Europe and will create a 40,000 square meters facility to explore and grow medical cannabis in Odense. The plant – which will be …