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Danfoss increases collaboration around Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 is already pushing many companies to step up their game if they want to stay competitive.  Danfoss is working hard on the digital transformation, and we will support them in improving their competitive advantage.   Danfoss has always been front runners when it comes to efficiency, but as the industry is transforming into Industry 4.0, new possibilities and …


Collaboration is key to innovation and growth

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Odense Robotics Insight Report 2019, published this week, reveals new figures for the cluster’s growth. The report shows an increasing focus on collaboration and new product development. A total of 98% of companies in Odense Robotics say collaboration is their most important strategic focus area, and 78% of companies collaborate with other cluster companies. “It’s fantastic to see that collaboration …


The Danish city of Odense became the Mecca of the new robot boom

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Leading German business newspaper Handelsblatt published an article about Odense, December 16th 2018: https://www.handelsblatt.com/technik/thespark/intelligente-maschinen-wie-die-daenische-stadt-odense-zum-mekka-des-neuen-roboterbooms-wurde/23761738.html This is an English translation:   By Axel Höpner 16.12.2018 In the meantime more than 100 Cobot start-ups have settled in Odense. A founder and a unique ecosystem have made this possible.  Odense. The high-tech world would look different today if Esben Østergaard in the USA had liked it …


For the first time Schunk Expert Days take place at the European hot spot of robotics

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Premiere at SCHUNK Expert Days on Service Robotics: From February 27 – 28, 2019, the leading symposium for applied service robotics will take place for the first time in Odense, Denmark. With the motto “Towards Open Robotics”, the 11th Expert Days promises an extensive overview of the current technology, questions, and trends of service robotics. Representatives will include Thomas Pilz, …

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UR+ paving the way for SetupRobotics

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Do you remember what Apple’s App Store did for thousands of software companies? Now guess what the Universal Robots+ program is doing for its ecosystem of hardware partners. Universal Robots+ is an online showroom that provides cutting-edge products to customize a UR robot application that perfectly meets your requirements. SetupRobotics is a newly established robot gripper company founded by Uffe …

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Denmark delivering the global industry standard at RobotWorld in Seoul

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Can a Danish startup company produce a product that during just a few years becomes the global industry standard within its segment? Can a cluster from a midsize city on a Scandinavian island, become globally acknowledged as the best ecosystem for robotic startups, within just 4 years? Robot World Expo and Conference in Seoul this October, gave full confirming answers …


How to become the world leader of collaborative applications

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OnRobot is poised for global expansion. A few months ago, OnRobot revealed a new merger of three companies. Then investment capital from Summit Partners was announced, and recently OnRobot acquired Purple Robotics to make OnRobot the world leader of collaborative applications. Merger Headquartered in Odense, OnRobot is a leading provider of hardware and software that help customers take full advantage …


Three Odense-based robotic companies are among the winners in a European acceleration program

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Denmark is well represented in Europe’s largest acceleration program for robot technology companies, RobotUnion. Four out of the 20 seats in the program have been conquered by Danish companies – and three of them are from Odense.  The four Danish startups are behind ideas that span from a robot that measures intestines for sausages to a robotic glove that can …


New joint venture will robotize the egg industry

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Gibotech and Sanovo Technology Group join together in a new robot adventure.  A more than successful project during the summer sparks an even closer cooperation between Gibotech and Sanovo Technology Group, resulting in a new robotic company, Sanovo Technology Robotics A/S. The two neighbors have exploited the advantages from being situated side by side in Odense, which is rapidly becoming …


Buind moves closer to UR+ and Odense Robotics

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The Norwegian company Buind AS is known for precision machining, as well as robotization, they were also one of the first distributors of Universal Robots in Norway. Buind has also developed SmartShift – a fully automated tool changing system developed for all current Universal Robots arms and a part of the UR+ program. Invest in Odense first met with owner, …