FundingBox opens Odense office to handle EU project ‘Robot Union’ providing €8 million to accelerate European robotics

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Aiming to discover, support and fund innovative projects in the robotics industry, pan-European robotics accelerator program, Robot Union, will select 40 start-ups that develop projects within the field of robotics, linked to the manufacturing, agri-food, health and civil infrastructure industries. 14 partners – including four Danish – from eight different countries have launched the Robot Union: The first European robot …


Scaling up: Chinese founded robotic company settles in Odense

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The Chinese founded company SYD Dynamics moves from Southern Jutland to the Science Park in Odense to reach their goal of developing the company from the experiential stage as a start up and to becoming a profitable scale up company. SYD Dynamics was founded in 2015 by three Chinese students that were pursuing their masters in Sønderborg, a small city …


The robotics cluster attracts Swedish company to Odense

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The Swedish company RobNor has several years of service behind them, however they still see the possibilities of collaborating. That is one of the reasons why they have chosen to move to Odense and become a part of the robotics cluster and its network. RobNor is a Swedish company based in Malmø, which since 2010 has delivered automation projects and …


Kubo Robotic’s entire production value chain within 50 km from Odense

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The Funen robotic industry is growing and developing, and this has a positive impact on the Funen subcontractors. One of the successes in the industry is Kubo Robotics, whose production of a learning robot creates jobs on Funen. Kubo Robotics has, since they started the production of the learning robot Kubo back in 2015, had remarkable success on the market. …


The robotics cluster in Odense is accelerating its rapid growth

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The robotics cluster in Odense is growing at a high speed and faster than expected. During the last two years the number of companies and the number of employees have grown by +40 %. There are now 120 companies in the robotics cluster. These companies employed 3,200 people at the end of 2017 – with the number expected to grow …

Prototype Autonomous Rover by Stable Gear1

Stable Gear: Odense is the place to be!

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For the robotic startup company Stable Gear (building autonomous rovers for the outdoor industry) it was obvious to place the company in Odense, even though the two founders Bo Bojesen Bøgh and Klaus Kesje are both living on Zealand more than 100 kilometers away. “It happens in Odense! Odense has become the center for robotics. There is no other place …

RoboBend 2

Lithuanian company moves to Odense to benefit from the robotic cluster

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The Lithuanian company Factobotics has established RoboBend in Odense to gain knowledge from the robotic cluster. RoboBend and its sister company, Factobotics, are robotic companies specialized in developing cutting-edge industrial robotic solutions, turning them into standard products and commercializing them worldwide. RoboBend is the world’s first standard bending robot, which they see an enormous potential market for, as it can …

KUBO nordic startup award_2

Nordic Startup Awards to Odense based KUBO and MiR

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Tuesday the 5th September the national Danish Nordic Startup Awards took place. Four companies from Odense were nominated in 5 out of 13 categories and two received an award. The award for ‘Best IoT Startup’ is given to the startup that has shown the greatest development over the last year based on growth, innovation, and impact with a product embedded …

Startup Hub

Startups move to Odense to be part of Odense Robotics StartUp Hub

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Odense Robotics StartUp Hub was established to help startup companies in the City of Odense to grow faster. The StartUp Hub has become a sound success and now both national as well as international startup companies are moving to Odense to get connected to the ecosystem and apply to participate in the hub. Core Dynamics – From scratch to Odense …

Odense Robotics Gold Label grafik

Gold for Danish cluster, Odense Robotics

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The Danish robotics cluster, Odense Robotics, has achieved the EU-certified Gold Label – the highest recognition achievable by cluster organizations. With the gold certificate, Odense Robotics officially enters the international premier league of clusters. This status will create great value for the companies in the cluster in terms of attracting development funds, employees, partners and customers. The Gold Label is …