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Financing Hub South Denmark – A faster way to capital

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Startups and companies on the island Funen will now have easier access to potential investors. The Danish Growth Fund, Invest in Odense, Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark, Developing Fyn, Innovation Fund Denmark and EKF – Denmark’s Export Credit Agency have established joint facilities and gathered a team of their funding experts. Financing Hub South Denmark is the name of …

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Odense Investor Summit 2017

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21 start-up companies pitching within the growing field of robotics, 80 investors and a total of 120 million DKK made up the backbone for this year’s Odense Investor Summit – Robots meet Capital, held at Nordea on the 15th of November, 2017. Foreign investors from countries including China and Italy and non-local investors from Aarhus and Copenhagen traveled to Odense …


When start-up and investor is a great match

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Ever since KUBO Robotics got funded by KMD Venture back in Q3 2016 they have continued their explosive development and is now a part of a top-notch investor-setup. Back in Q3 2016, KMD, one of Denmark’s biggest IT- and software companies, invested in KUBO Robotics, and now, a year after, KUBO Robotics has exited Odense Robotics StartUp Hub and moved in …

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SDI Odense invested in 7 robot companies in 2 years

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Syddansk Innovation (SDI) has invested in more than 100 companies, attracted more than one billion Danish kroner to their portfolio companies and specialized in the risky pre-seed investment field. With no less than 7 investments in robot companies within the last two years and Universal Robots as their golden investment, SDI is the Danish innovation environment that has invested most …

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Odense Investor Summit – Robots meet Capital

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Robots meet Capital in Odense again! On November 15th, 2017 investors, robotic companies, startups and people with an interest in the robotic environment will leave their mark on the City of Odense. Odense Investor Summit – Robots meet Capital will gather 60 investors to be pitched to by 12 robotic companies. There are high expectations, as last year, Multi Tower …

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Why do Business Angels look to Odense?

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The growth in Odense – especially within robotics – is attracting investors to the city. 150 potential investors met with 20 hopeful and expanding companies at the Business Angel Annual Meeting in Odense May 18th. According to local business angel, Torben Frigaard Rasmussen, who held the welcome speech, investors are increasingly looking to Odense for investment opportunities. “In Odense you …

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To Grow, You Have To Let Go

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The cornerstone of most countries’ economies are small and medium sized companies. They are the bread and butter. They are solid, innovative, flexible and understand that surviving in today’s global economy is all about speed, innovation and customer focus. In Odense, we love and support lots of small and medium sized companies, and we want more. 100 companies with 10 …