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Cambio Healthcare Systems establishes an office in Odense

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The Swedish company Cambio Healthcare Systems has chosen to open a division in Odense. On the 1rst May the new office opens in Videnbyen close to University of Southern Denmark and the new Odense  University Hospital (OUH).

Cambio Healthcare Systems supplies the electronic patient records system (EPJ) to the Region of Southern Denmark and would like to work closer with the region. Steffen Lerche, managing director at Cambio Healthcare Systems, says:
For a while, we have wanted to open a division in Odense close to our biggest Danish customer. Internally at Cambio, we have taken several steps that makes it possible to work even closer with OUH and the rest of the hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark, and we very much look forward to that”.

Cambio Healthcare Systems is starting off with 3-4 employees in Odense, but hope to expand later on.
Our hope is that the office in Odense will become a central part of Cambio Healthcare Systems’ Danish activities. To be so close to both the University and hospital/clinic gives us some unique opportunities”, says Steffen Lerche.Cambio-healthcare-systems_logo

An international player
Cambio Healthcare Systems is known for its strong relations to its customers, including a number of big international players such as Microsoft.
We want to build on that momentum and include OUH and the Region of Southern Denmark in the transnational networks about developing new EPJ-supporting solutions”, Steffen Lerche says.

Cambio Healthcare Systems has collaborated with the Region of Southern Denmark for several years in relation to supplying EPJ. The Region of Southern Denmark has now launched a tender for the supply of EPJ from 2019. Cambio Healthcare Systems expect to work even closer with the region on this area.
We have seen that this model works best for both us and our customers. We are able to deliver a system and the service that is sought-after, should we win the tender and continue as a supplier of EPJ to the Region of Southern Denmark. We support the clinical workflow and, simultaneously taking into account the need for managerial information, which the system must provide”, says Steffen Lerche.

New version on the way
Cambio Healthcare Systems is about to launch the new version of COSMIC – 8.1 in Sweden. The COSMIC  8.1. version features among other things strong tools for having an overview in the patient records system and possibly the most modern medicinal module on the market. 8.1 has already been implemented at the first customers in Sweden, and during 2017 the 8.1 version will be launched in nine other places in Sweden.

500 employees worldwide

  • Cambio Healthcare Systems is an international company with approximately 500 employees worldwide
  • The HQ is located in Sweden together with the research and development department, more than 200 employees work at the office in Sweden.
  • In Denmark Cambio Healthcare Systems is responsible for supplying EPJ to the National Defence’s Health Service and to Greenland and the Faroe Islands


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