CorporateHealth receives DDK 6 million from the Danish Growth Fund

Invest in Odense cases

CorporateHealth International department, which is placed in Odense, has received a DDK 6 million (€ 806,000) loan from the Danish Growth Fund, a Danish state owned fund.  

– We have shown that the method works and we got our first customers. Now we will use the 6 million to boost sales and create awareness of the good results, explains head of the board in CorporateHealth International, Mads Rasmussen.

CorporateHealth work in collaboration with Odense University Hospital (OUH) and the Danish National IT platform in screening for colorectal cancer, which is the 3rd most common kind of cancer in Denmark.

The camera pill, a small pill that the patient swallows, is much less unpleasant for the patient than a penetrative camera examination at the hospital. At the same time, it is cheaper for the hospitals.pillcam-w-text1-150x150

A greater market
CorporateHealth and OUH has started collaborating with other hospitals in Denmark. The assumption is that the camera pill can be a solution not only as part of the national screening program for cancer, but also for other patients that would normally be asked to take a colonoscopy, or people suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases like colon cancer.

At the same time, a medical institution in rural Scotland are looking at using the camera pill service in a region where longer distances and another infrastructure can show new advantages of the camera pill-based evaluation.

Two years in Denmark
The development have been fast, just over two years: In the spring of 2014, Invest in Odense introduced CorporateHealth to the opportunities in Odense; In the spring of 2015, a collaboration was established between CorporateHealth, Odense University Hospital, and Last autumn CorporateHealth International received start capital from Danish and American investors, and today there are contacts in Scotland, Holland, and the USA.

– We are constantly working with Odense and Denmark as a starting point. This is where we can test and try things out first. When we see, they work here, we use that experience to enter other markets, says Cornelius Glismann, who manages CorporateHealth’s International department in Odense.


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