Danfoss billede 2.2

Danfoss increases collaboration around Industry 4.0

Emma Louise Worm cases, Robotics

Industry 4.0 is already pushing many companies to step up their game if they want to stay competitive.  Danfoss is working hard on the digital transformation, and we will support them in improving their competitive advantage.  

Danfoss has always been front runners when it comes to efficiency, but as the industry is transforming into Industry 4.0, new possibilities and challenges emerge for Danfoss. To explore new solutions Danfoss has looked to Odense, as it is here we have the Epi center for Industry 4.0 within robotics. Danfoss has now teamed up with University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and hired BEng student Jonas Fetteh to help create an even stronger relation between the institutions around the robotics cluster, the companies and Danfoss.

Danfoss is a global company with 71 manufacturing sites in more than 20 countries. One of the focus areas is to secure knowledge sharing around robotics across the different manufacturing sites to ensure even more effective and more flexible production sites. According to Jonas Fetteh, Danfoss could benefit even more from many of the competences from SDU, Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and the companies within the robotics cluster, as they could play an important role in the development for solutions for these challenges.

Jonas Fetteh is currently studying a bachelor-degree in Global Management and Manufacturing at SDU. His main task is to build an even stronger and closer relation to SDU, DTI and the startup hubs around the robotic cluster. These relationships can help Danfoss explore the new opportunities and technologies evolving together with Industry 4.0.

Other benefits for Danfoss having placed an employee in Odense is that they have easy access to one of the strongest robotic clusters in Europe. Furthermore, it gives them access to facilities and equipment, which they can use for development of future robotic and automation solutions. “I believe that one key strength of being placed in Odense is the possibility to develop cross-functional relations with some of the companies from the cluster”, Jonas Fetteh says.


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