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Europe’s largest cannabis production in Odense

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Canopy Growth Corporation – a global leader within cannabis production –  from Canada, has made a joint venture with Danish Cannabis. The new company has been named Spectrum Cannabis Denmark. It is set to become a leader in Europe and will create a 40,000 square meters facility to explore and grow medical cannabis in Odense.

The plant – which will be the first and the largest of its kind in Europe – is expected to have 125 employees, supplying 60,000 patients in Europe with medical cannabis and have a turnover of approximately 100 Mill. Euros.

Lars Thomassen, CEO of Spectrum Cannabis Denmark, explains why the company decided to operate from Odense: “There are several good reasons why it became Odense. Odense is suitable for growing cannabis in greenhouses. A large part of the Danish greenhouses are placed in and around Odense, which means that we have access to knowledge and people. The very safe energy supply was also important to us. Like Facebook we need a lot of energy and it is crucial that the supply is stable and safe. For the Canadian company it was also important to find a city that is safe and secure. It has been noticed that Odense has put a lot of effort into dealing with the problems with gangs. And then Odense is basically a nice city. So when we got the chance to acquire the big horticulture Nældebakken including the employees, we found it to be a perfect match”.  

The 125 employees will be mainly blue-collar workers. That fits well into one of the challenges of the city. 5,000+ people are unemployed, and this could be the chance for some of them to get a job. But the company also fits well into Odense’s business focus on robotics and health tech. A lot of the work will be automated and the products will be used for health purposes as medical cannabis.

A large majority in the Danish parliament has decided to make a trial scheme over the next four years. From the New Year, experiments with medical cannabis are allowed in Denmark, and this decision can give Denmark and Odense a leading position. Because there are only a few places where production of cannabis is allowed and the demand is huge.

Peter Rahbæk Juel, mayor of Odense, welcomes the new company to Odense: “We are pleased that our efforts to create a stable, well-educated and secure environment continue to attract global companies to Odense”, he says.


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