Hundreds of local companies want to build for Facebook

Invest in Odense cases, Data Center

The construction of Facebook’s newest and most advanced data center will happen in a time of many large and visionary construction projects currently underway in Odense. As a major construction project running over a three-year period, there will be an ongoing need to source both labor and materials, and Facebook is determined to do that locally whenever possible.

On Thursday, the 30th March 2017, Facebook’s general contractor MACE invited local companies and employees to a “Meet the Buyer & Employer” event aimed to support subcontractors, businesses, and local job seekers interested in participating in the Facebook data center project.

There was a great turnout at the event at City Hall. Mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel gave a short welcome, and then it was time for matchmaking-sessions. More than 70 companies lined up for 15-minutes meetings. And the initial dialogues might bring business to the companies. Mace expects to have around 1,000 people from various companies working on the construction site daily.

John Jeffery, Technical Director at Mace is looking forward to the process: “We are really happy to be here in Odense and looking forward to accomplish this huge task for Facebook. We have had a great partnership with the municipality, and I’m very pleased with the warm welcome we have received. We are here to meet companies and suppliers who can help to ensure that we do the job for Facebook in the top quality that is expected and with an extremely high level of security, which we are committed to have during construction”.

The event was the first rendezvous between Mace and the local companies. More events will follow. There were no signed contracts, but it was an important first step in terms of making final agreements.


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