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MariCare is already an active company in Welfare Tech’s network, and within the last year they have increased their activity on the Danish market. Now the Finnish company opens an office in The Science Park in Odense.

E-lea is the newest of MariCares solutions to the eldercare sector. The sensor solution can easily be installed in homes of elderly or weak, where it detects falls and report to homecare personnel for help.

Now still more municipalities and eldercare centres in Denmark know of Maricare’s products, as the company has increased their focus on the Danish market. As a part of that strategy, MariCare has now opened office in the Science Park in Odense.

“We wanted to be near our clients, where MariCare solutions can support senior citizens to live in their own homes or elderly care centres”, says Jari Ekblad, head of Mari Electronics, the parent company of MariCare.


Pushing the international agenda.

MariCare is already a member of the Danish national health tech cluster, Welfare Tech, just as the two other Finnish health tech companies, Evondos and NewIcon, who have established in Odense within the last couple of years.

Jari Ekbad explains: “The cluster gives valuable opportunities for MariCare to meet more municipalities and companies that co-operate with the Welfare Tech organization. We hope to be able to continue the networking with different parties and also to find new business opportunities. MariCare is also interested in sharing the best practice knowledge of the Elderly Care sector in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe.”

The Finnish members make Welfare Tech stronger. CEO, Christian Graversen, explains: “To succeed internationally is crucial for health tech companies. That is why Welfare Tech help Danish members to succeed abroad, and foreign companies to succeed in Denmark. In that way we create a stronger collaboration between the companies, and a larger success to scope the market of health tech technologies together.” 


More Finnish health tech companies are interested in Odense.

MariCare was one of the 15 Finnish companies participating at this years’ WHINN conference in Odense in October, just as the company was part of the 17 companies delegation, when the Finnish minister for foreign trade, visited Odense to look at Danish health tech and healthcare in September.


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