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Innovation flyes high in Odense

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Innovation on Wings is a new visionary drone project focusing on Market Development, Technological Development and Network. The project is a collaboration between University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and UAS Test Center Denmark.

Innovation on Wings aims at bringing innovation and drones into focus for Danish companies. The project is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation’s initiative regarding innovation. Innovation on wings_cycleThe ambition is to increase the success rate of Danish companies’ work on innovation in relation to drones. This is an area, which has great potential for growth and job creation.

“The market for drones is already growing and the growth is high. With the new project, the Fond wishes to contribute to Danish companies’ possibilities within the drone-industry, including subcontractors, drone manufacturers or purchasers of drones for application in other industries” says Mads Lebech, CEO of The Danish Industry Foundation.

Great potential in drone technology
The project is implemented within 3 focus areas, in order to cover all aspects of the challenges the companies faces, from testing technologies, to focus on interaction through “the internet of things” and development of new business models and areas.

“We have divided the project into 3 areas. Market Development led by Centre for Integrative Innovation Management (C*I2M). Technological Development, which is led by SDU UAS Center, and Network led by UAS Test Center Denmark” says Mette Præst Knudsen, Professor and Head of SDU Centre for Integrative Innovation Management (C*I2M)

Several small and medium sized drone enterprises will participate in the project, a number of possible customers and clients have also shown interest in the project.

“By uncovering the development opportunities for drones in close collaboration with both developers and customers, we believe that the ability to innovate will increase for the participating companies. Furthermore, we are confident that new ideas and products will be matured faster and become more successful on the market. As a result, the competitiveness will increase and the industry will strengthen its position on the international market” Mads Lebech says. The Danish Industry Foundation has supported the project with around DKK 4 million.


Further Information:
Head of UAS Test Center Denmark
Lars Michael Larsen
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