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The Finnish company NewIcon has established an office in Odense, as a result of the construction of the New Odense University Hospital and the Health tech cluster.

The Finnish robot company NewIcon has opened a new office in Odense and hired a sales representative.

The company produce storage-robots for use in pharmacies and hospitals and will as a start employ a single salesperson. With the new office in Odense, NewIcon follows the German company CorporateHealth and the Dutch company Bussman Medical and Research, who have already established an office in Forskerparken in Odense.

“We have been looking for a place outside of Finland, where we could open a new office. Denmark has a very interesting market, and we have chosen Odense due to the construction of the NEW OUH and because of its focus on welfare technology”, says Marja Jaurakkajärvi, who is responsible for NewIcons international activities.

WHINN opened the door
NewIcon participated in the large welfare technology-conference WHINN in the fall 2015, and after two visits to Odense in the beginning of 2016, the final decision to set up an office on Funen was taken. It is the first time NewIcon opens an office outside Finland. In Finland the company has 50 employees, and sell their storage-robots in Israel and Russia.

“At first, we will employ a single salesperson, but as the market develops in Denmark, I expect that we expand our sales team. We see the potential in Denmark due to the large ambitions and the desire to develop new technology. We expect to establish several partnerships in Denmark”, says Marja Jaurakkajärvi.

The Health tech cluster is a magnet
The City of Odense are excited about the international interest and the new arrivals to the city, drawn by the construction of the NEW OUH and the welfare cluster in Odense.

“Denmark is interesting due to our hospitals, and Odense is interesting because we have an ecosystem in collaboration with the Health Tech cluster and the investment in the area. NewIcon sees Denmark as a playground, because innovation and new technology mean so much in our healthcare system. They can develop their products and business here, despite the size of the Danish market”, says Lone Krogsbøll, who works with attracting health tech companies to Odense.

“NewIcons establishment of an office in Odense will initially only create one position. However, NewIcon can draw several Finnish companies to Odense, which may be relevant for other local companies, in order to provide them with new business opportunities”, says Lone Krogsbøll.


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