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Is your robot ready for the European Market? Get CE marking and classification in Odense!

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In Odense, you can get help for your CE markings and classification for robots

A CE-marking is an entry ticket to the European market. It indicates that a product is declared by the manufacturer to comply with the high safety, health and environmental protection requirements of the European Economic Area (EEA).  Further, it enables the free movement of products within the European market.

Did you know?
The Danish Technological Institute’s Laboratory for Advanced Robot Safety offers various testing and classification levels for robots performing tasks in close interaction with or direct vicinity of humans. This is done in cooperation with manufacturers and certification bodies all over the world.

At Danish Technological Institute (DTI), you can obtain the following certifications and markings:

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  • CE certification for European Market Entry
  • CE Marking of Personal Service Robots
  • CE Marking of Professional Service Robots

All three certifications are vital and mandatory if you want to make it in the European market. This opportunity is quite unique to Odense, as it is the only place in Denmark with these offerings.

Regarding Classification for European Market Entry, DTI helps you classify your robotic devices optimally in accordance with European legislation and assists in the planning of a market strategy. Further, in relation to CE Marking of Personal

Whether you need help and guidance for the preparation of the rest of the certification process or have the need for a project manager ensuring the entire process, DTI can help you!

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