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Kapetair lands in Odense

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The Croatian drone company Kapetair VTOL UAV Systems has just opened an office at the Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense, Denmark.

According to Luca Kapeter, founder of Kapetair, the company chose Odense because of the industry focus and the great test facilities.
Kapetair has acknowledged danish industry as an early adopter of our technology, due to its strate”gic interest towards UAS technologies which are improving efficiency in various segments. A close proximity to stakeholders gatherer around UAS Denmark and fantastic test facilities are the reasons why we are excited start our office in Odense. We would like to extend our gratitude to management of UAS Denmark and Mr. Michael Larsen, who has helped us immensely to establish out office on the HCA Airport”, says Luca Kapeter.

Kapetair is a startup highly focused on a new generation of hybrid vertical take-off and landing UAVs which will, in near future, support the growing industry demand. Kapetair is bridging the gap between traditional multirotors and fixed wing UAVs, maintaining the simplicity of usage that characterizes multirotors while building on the efficiency of a fixed-wing UAV. With this type of design no runway or launching equipment is required. The vision is to become the leading european innovator and manufacturer in this particular segment of UAV industry.

“Our competitive advantage is also a UK office patent-pending tiltrotor design, which is allowing a fully autonomous take-off and landing and also increasing safety in flight. The first feedback we received from patent examiners was very positive in terms of novelty and innovation. Even though our focus is at the moment placed on the remote sensing VTOL UAVs, this type of rotor can be used on almost any drones, such as the drones currently being developed and used by Amazon”, explains Luca Kapeter.

Incubator in Barcelona and office in Odense
Out of more than 150 startups Kapetair was selected as a finalist at the ReimagineDrone Incubator in Barcelona in February 2017. The participation in the incubator has confirmed that the product is on a good track and has opened new market possibilities. The decision to move to Odense will improve product and business further according to Luca Kapeter:

“We see a really big potential in improving our product and growing our business by applying to projects such as “Innovation on Wings”. Finding a proper partner that is developing a software solution for some of the use cases that we are aiming to cover – such as precision agriculture – can lead to developing an end-to-end solution. We are also really interested and are looking forward to the opportunity of forming a close collaboration with University of Southern Denmark.”


Further Information:

Head of UAS Denmark
Lars Michael Larsen
+45 4046 9102