KUBO Robots has high ambitions – New funding can make them happen

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The Odense-based company, KUBO Robot, is producing learning robots. Schools are experiencing a boom in the supply of learning robots that often are developed without any understanding of either the prerequisite for teachers to incorporate the technology in practice-based lessons or the cognitive development of children. By involving the end-users all the way from the early design phase to final implementation, KUBO has differentiated themselves from many of their competitors.

It is the children that encode the robot to solve a given task. Along the way, the robot collects data that the teacher can then use in their planning and record in a digital learning platform. The robot can be used in subjects ranging from Danish, to mathematics, to music lessons. The robot is designed for education from pre-school to the 3rd grade.

High ambitions call for funding
KUBO Robot has high ambitions. “I believe we can sell 10,000-20,000 robots in 2017”, says CEO Tommy Schou Lund Otzen. These high ambitions can only be fulfilled by attracting further capital to the company.

The Danish IT group KMD has invested in the company. The investment in KUBO emphasizes KMD’s ambitions and strategy of developing new business concepts, including digital devices that support pupils in learning.

“The school sector is currently undergoing a rapid development, where the digital aids play a larger role. At KMD we would like to help support this development and with the investment in KUBO Robot we are at the frontline of educational technology. Therefore, KUBO Robot will also play alongside KMD’s existing digital learning platform, Educa. We are also happy to help elevate a start-up company that has great potential”, says Niklas Marschall, CEO of KMD Venture A / S, an independent subsidiary of the KMD group.

Tommy Schou Lund Otzen, CEO of Kubo Robot, is happy for the recently concluded partnership with KMD:

“We see KMD’s investment as a great recognition of our expertise in technology and learning. KMD has extensive experience within IT in schools, which improves education for teachers and students. This is a good fit for KUBO, because the robot gives children the opportunity to create technology rather than consume technology, by giving the pupils a basic understanding of programming. Programming can help children to learn from their mistakes, which provides the learning process with great value. It also allows teachers to see whether students are developing.”

The cooperation between KMD and KUBO Robot has been initiated by Invest in Odense, whose purpose it is to generate growth and attract companies to Odense and to link growth-oriented companies with relevant investors. One of KUBO’s goals after getting KMD Venture on board was to run a crowdfunding campaign on Indieggo. This raised an additionally 30,000 dollars. So now, KUBO Robot is ready to conquer the market!


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