Kubo Robotic’s entire production value chain within 50 km from Odense

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The Funen robotic industry is growing and developing, and this has a positive impact on the Funen subcontractors. One of the successes in the industry is Kubo Robotics, whose production of a learning robot creates jobs on Funen.

Kubo Robotics has, since they started the production of the learning robot Kubo back in 2015, had remarkable success on the market. Kubo Robotics left the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub in 2017 after they secured two big investors – IT- and software company KMD in 2016 and The National Growth Fund in 2017; and Kubo Robotics has grown and increased its business rapidly since. One of the main suppliers is Micro Technic in Aarup, 34 km from Odense. Micro Technic’s prime business used to be producing circuit boards for electronics companies. But recent years’ growth in the robot industry has allowed the Funen company to expand its business. They started by delivering circuit boards to the robot, but now Micro Technic stands for the production of the entire Kubo. “At first we were at 100-200 a week, but now we are producing 1,000 robots a month“, said Frank Max Laursen, Director of Micro Technic.

Instead of outsourcing main tasks aboard, the production process is much more effective as it is possible to correct mistakes and errors as they occur. With the possibility of being “hands on” with the production within a reasonable distance, it is easier to develop both the product and the production of it, rather than if the production was placed overseas. Further, by uniting the production at Funen, the risks in the supply chain is being reduced, which makes the company more valuable and interesting for investors.


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