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Lithuanian company moves to Odense to benefit from the robotic cluster

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The Lithuanian company Factobotics has established RoboBend in Odense to gain knowledge from the robotic cluster.

RoboBend and its sister company, Factobotics, are robotic companies specialized in developing cutting-edge industrial robotic solutions, turning them into standard products and commercializing them worldwide. RoboBend is the world’s first standard bending robot, which they see an enormous potential market for, as it can serve and operate most of the approximately 1,5 million bending machines placed in metal processing factories around the globe.

RoboBend had a clear business plan, but required mentoring and funding, which made them consider Odense. With one of Europe’s best robotic clusters in Odense, they saw a potential of gaining from the cluster. Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev, CEO in RoboBend states: “Odense Robotics has made it easy for the RoboBend company to decide to build its business in Odense – and be part of the growing robotic community in Odense”.

Based with development and production in Vilnius in Lithuania, RoboBend has placed sales and commercialization being done out of Odense in Denmark from September 2017. With an experienced, Danish-Lithuanian team producing the first working model of the robot and a list of possible clients lined up, RoboBend is ready to scale the business within the sheet metal industry, and later potentially other industries, where same philosophy could be applied. Denmark will be test-market in 2018, after which RoboBend will move on to other markets. The first year, they expect to sell 20 robots with a turnover at 1,5 mio. EUR, while they expect to sell 100 robots in 2019. At the beginning, RoboBend consist of two employees, however within the first year, they expect to expand the team with further two-three employees.

Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev, CEO in RoboBend, is also Chairman for the robotic industry association in Lithuania and is planning a delegation visit from Panevezys to Odense in the beginning of 2018. The aim of this visit is to get inspiration and discuss the possibility of a collaboration: “There are a number of robot and software companies, service and manufacturing companies, which could supply resources to those robot companies in Odense, which lack labor or suppliers. As we have established RoboBend in Odense, there could be a possibility of establishing other robot companies in Odense to fulfill these needs”, says Thomas Solupajev-Ronlev.


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