Business Contact Odense

Access to public and state authorities

– move your business to the city
– major rebuilding or extension
– move your business to a new location in the city
– recruit new employees
– develop a new business idea
– find the latest market analyzes
Business Contact Odense, the gateway to government authorities – both local and national.

The proper location

Business Contact Odense helps business to find the right premises or the most suitable plot of land. Business Contact Odense work with the city’s real estate agents and can easily give an overview of the options available to meet your requirements and needs.

Quick and targeted responses

Business Contact Odense supplies a quick and targeted responses. For example, questions about permits in relation to building a new head office, or the procedures of case handlings and what factors you should be aware of the process.

Get associated with one contact

Help is available whatever challenges your business faces. You are always associated with one contact person who follows your company throughout the process.


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