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A new concept for rental accommodation is coming to Odense this spring: 26 fully furnished and maintained apartments, that include concierge services will be available for monthly rentals.

The apartments are maintained, include a monthly cleaning as well as the 24 hours concierge service guarantee as part of the rent. This will ensures foreign guests a quick assistance in common housing issues.

The company behind these new accommodations is, Movinn. Since 2015, Movinn has rented out Plug and Play apartments in Copenhagen, and last year they opened 30 apartments in Aarhus.

The apartments are primarily utilized by bigger companies to house foreign special teams, leaders, external consultants or talent teams that travel to the companies in Denmark for a shorter or longer period.

Movinn has currently rented 26 apartments in a new property in Odense Harbor. The first 10 apartments will be on the market April 1st. By June 1st, all 26 apartments will be ready for use, they will all be furnished and two people will be hired for the concierge service and extended function as a janitor.

We looked at Odense, because one of our partners mentioned that there was also a market for our apartments in Odense”, Patrick Blok, CEO and co-founder of Movinn, says. He also noticed the development of Odense himself: “Alone on the road from the railway station, you walk over the new footbridge, past Storms Pakhus and down to the apartments, which are placed in the new district by the harbor. Movinn wants to be a part of this growth story”, Patrick Blok states.


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