Where does great ideas come from? And how do you scale ideas, in order to help your organization

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The top 50 innovator Nilofer Merchant will give her answers at WHINN 2016.

Some call her “The Jane Bond of Innovation”. Maybe because she insists on action: How can we act innovative, instead of just keep saying that we are innovative?

The City of Odense and WHINN are proud to present an inspiring evening with Nilofer Merchant on October the 4th.
Nilofer Merchant has been responsible for shipping 100 products, netting over $18 billion dollars in revenues. That’s why companies like Google, Apple, and IBM turn to her for strategy and counsel on innovation.
During WHINN you can hear Nilofer Merchant on Tuesday the 4th of October at 5.15 PM in Odense Congress Center. Register for the event here.

She will also reveal some of the views from her latest book about “Onlyness”, that is released early next year – in 40 languages.

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