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Odense Investor Summit – 2016

Invest in Odense cases

“A half-day event about bringing the most promising funding seeking companies within robotics and active investors closer together. “

Invitation to the first Investor Summit – Robots meet Capital, Wednesday 30th November 2016 at Forskerparken 10, 5260 Odense.  The role of Invest in Odense is to contribute to the establishment and development of companies in Odense, but also to be the crucial point between the companies and capital.

The overall aim of this first summit is to develop a closer relation between active investors and Robotic growth companies, while also providing insight into the unique ecosystem of robotics in Odense.

Together with partners, Invest in Odense have created an Investor Summit designed to provide investors with an unique opportunity to experience funding seeking companies within robotics and to take a sneak peek into some of the upcoming ideas that shape the robotic industry of tomorrow.

The agenda includes on-stage pitches, SDU sneak peeks, deal-making sessions with Q&A, and networking.

For a closer look at the Agenda and to register, please click here
Invitation only for; Active Investors and Companies (companies seeking capital, start-up companies)

Partners at this event:

Keystones, RoboBusiness Europe, SDU, Technological Institute , OdenseRobotics, Blue Ocean Robotics

If you have questions about registration or general event information, contact Investment Manager Michael Hansen by MHANN@odense.dk or +45 23 41 40 07


Agenda (Changes may occur)

13:30 – 14:30 Tour de Odense Robotics / startuphub (voluntary activity)

14:45 – 15:00 Networking, Registration

15:00 – 15.10 Welcome: Invest in Odense, Michael Hansen and Keystone, Kenneth Larsen

15:10 – 15.25 Successful investorcase – TriVision

15:25 – 15.45 Pitches (by upcoming companies and companies ready to invest)

15:45 – 16.10 SDU Sneak peek – 2 cases

16:10 – 16.45 Networking

16:45 – 17.00 Blue Ocean Robotics – Their way to investors. Presentation of Robi-Invest and possible investor cases

17:00 – 17.15 Networking

17:15 -17.25 10 min. Pitch per company + Deal-making. 2-3 tracks

  • Track 1: OdenseRobotics – pitches and delmaking
  • Track 2: Blue Ocean Robotics / Robi-invest – pitches and delmaking

18:15 – 19.15 Networking dinner

19:15 End of program


Further Information:

Investment Manager
Michael Hansen
+45 2341 4007