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Odense is on the move – that is why Tasfo moved to Odense

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Tasfo is a family owned company investing in properties and companies. Tasfo recently moved their company office from Fredericia to Odense

The purpose of moving to Odense is an intensified focus on city development in Odense and a desire to stay close to the company’s current and future projects in Odense. According to Jesper Steen Tastesen, CEO, large infrastructure and urban development projects in the city attracts investors. Jesper Steen Tastesen state: “The decisiveness around the TBT project and the new light rail system is the reason why you dare to look to Odense”.

Tasfo has high ambitions in Odense. The starting point was finding projects in the city center of Odense. In the fall of 2016, Tasfo bought the former Technical School and named the project Munkemose Park transforming the beautiful old school into 100 appartments at one of the city’s top locations. It is important for Tasfo being nearby their developments, constructions sites and future areas of interest in the city. Within the next ten years Tasfo’s ambition is to accomplish five times more properties and Odense City plays an important role in achieving this: “Odense is on the move. Copenhagen and Aarhus are facing intensified competition due to foreign investors accepting lower margins. Odense is still one-step behind which makes it interesting”, Jesper Steen Tastesen explains.

Tasfo sees the market trends and developments in Odense working in the same direction. Odense wants to rebuild the city from the city center and out, and the market is becoming more and more urbanized with people wanting to live in the city center with high comfort, flexibility and a possibility to be part of a community. This city transformation is exactly what Tasfo is trying to deliver: “Odense welcomes investors that focus on quality. There is a large group of senior citizens looking for comfortable quality apartments in prime locations. We can give them something different – something the market so far could not provide. Tasfo is focusing on people with a holistic mindset. That’s why we are facilitating unique community possibilities – like shared and united dinner/kitchen, facilities tying the generations together”, Jesper Steen Tastesen says.

Tasfo wishes for Odense that the city will stay ambitious and think in overall solutions. By doing that you can make sure that, you do not get randomly planned projects. COO Lars Damsholdt Balle complements: “Odense shall keep its relatively agile approach and still be concrete. A big city decides how it wants things to be and make sure that goals and quality are met”.


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