Odense University Hospital tests intelligent medicine cabinet from NewIcon

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NewIcon takes their first step into the Danish market

More efficient handling and better patient safety is important for Odense University Hospital (OUH). That’s why they are testing the new electronic medicine cabinet, eMed cabinet, from NewIcon.

For the Finnish robot company, NewIcon, the test is their first step into the Danish market.
“There is of course a huge potential in cooperating with OUH”, says NewIcon’s Danish Key Account Manager, Hanne Hansen Nord, who has an office in Odense.
“If the test is successful, and OUH can see the value of NewIcon, an order to the new OUH is a possible next step”, she says.

Higher safety for nurses and patients
A team of Finnish engineers trained hospital pharmacy employees in using the electronic medicine cabinet when they came to OUH in late March. After the first month, the cabinet has also been implemented in the OUH emergency department. Here it will be part of daily operations for nurses and ultimately better patients’ experience at OUH.

One of the advantages of the electronic medicine cabinet is that all medications are behind closed doors, and all activities around the medicine cabinet are recorded. In addition, a scanner will confirm that drug selection is correct and at the same time generate an order list.

“In that way the cabinet guides the nurses pedagogically and effectively in relation to the medical products – a good help if you are busy. This means faster workflows and fewer errors, and especially improved logistics by keeping track of expiration dates and medical reorders”, says head of Clinical Pharmacy at OUH Hospitalpharmacy, Mia Lolk Lund.

Growth ambitions
NewIcon is the market leader in Finland, and is now moving to the international markets. The company hired their first Danish employee from Odense in January because of the city’s clusters within robotics and health technology.
And the Finnish company expects to hire two to three more employees at the Danish office within the next year.
“When we go to the Danish market, it is valuable for us to be in cooperation with the local University Hospital”, explains Key Account Manager, Hanne Hansen-Nord.


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