Odense was first choice for Evondos’ Danish division

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A high concentration of tech knowledge – that’s why the Finnish company Evondos chose to open their Danish office in Odense.

Evondos has developed a dispenser which helps remind dementia patients and elderly to take their medication: The right medicine, the right dosage, at the right time.

Medication errors are not just dangerous for the patient, but it can also be expensive for the municipalities, nursing homes and other homecare services. Therefore, there is an increased demand for solutions, such as the one developed by Evondos. The company was founded in 2008, with divisions in Finland, Norway, Sweden and now; Denmark.

Businesses, knowledge and WHINN
The first step into the Danish market was a membership of the cluster organization, Welfare Tech. In the fall of 2016 Evondos participated in WHINN to find collaborations and customers – and then in January 2017, the Danish office opened. The Danish CEO, Lars Thorsgaard, came to Evondos after several years at GE Healthcare and the company has now sold the first dispensers in Denmark.

Lars Thorsgaard has no doubt as to why Evondos chose Odense:
Odense has a great concentration of health tech companies and knowledge. This ecosystem facilitates the, otherwise difficult, access to organizational collaboration and marketing” he states and continues “but in addition to that, the infrastructure, of course, means a lot. Odense is situated right in the middle of Denmark which makes our core task of visiting, get to know, and selling to the Danish municipalities convenient”.

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