Invest in Odense case: Blue Danube Robotics

Collaborative robots and investor network attracts Blue Danube Robotics to Odense

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Blue Danube Robotics and Odense Robotics met at RoboBusiness Europe in Italy in April of 2015. Based on complementary abilities, interests and needs, the two were introduced at a match making event. One year later, discussions turned to actions.  

Exploring the option of Odense
Blue Danube Robotics (BDR) CEO, Walter Wohlkinger, visited Odense in April, 2016 to explore the young Austrian company’s fit and opportunities in Odense Robotics. During Walter’s fact-finding visit to Odense, he presented Blue Danube Robotics technology, and met with companies and other actors in Odense’s robotic ecosystem.

Blue Danube Robotics is attracted to Odense Robotics for two primary reasons. Foremost, Odense excels in collaborative robots; a niche which BDR plans to break into. Blue Danube Robotics’ market segments: industrial robots, grippers and accessories, mobile robots and AGV, and medical equipment are all strengths in which robotic companies in Odense excel. Second, is to gain access to Invest in Odense’s investor network. “We need access to the right round of funding, because the lack of resources is slowing us down right now” explains Walter.

While in Odense, Blue Danube Robotics had a stand in Odense Robotics’ booth at RoboBusiness Europe 2016 in June, where they showcased their tactile safety solution AirSkin. Blue Danube Robotics also held meetings with Cabinplant, BILA, Gibotech, Universal Robots, DanRobotics, Investment Manager Michael Hansen of Invest in Odense, Odense Robotics StartUp Hub and others. BDR airskin2

Blue Danube Robotics is currently planning on working on their investor deck, as well as planning to pitch to local Odense investors and starting a subsidiary in Odense.

About Blue Danube Robotics
Blue Danube Robotics is a young company from Vienna, Austria, founded in 2013 by CEO Dr. Walter Wohlkinger and CTO Dr. Michael Zillich. In September 2015, they became Blue Danube Robotics GmbH. BDR set out to develop ‘Blue’, a personal robot assistant for the elderly and people with physical disabilities. For Blue to safely and accurately respond to its environment, BDR developed ‘AirSkin’, a patented tactile sensor solution that assists Blue to be aware and conscious of its surroundings. Danube received national Austrian funding to develop AirSkin technology for the collaborative industrial robot market. Danube quickly realized that the sensor solutions potential applications far exceeded their initial intention, including applications for industrial robots, medical, ambient/furniture sensors or general purpose user interface applications.



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