Robotics community in Odense creates value and impresses global industry partners

Emma Louise Worm cases, Seed and Venture Capital

The 32 selected Danish and international companies presented their visions to 150 investors visiting Odense Investor Summit last week. Investors had their booming wallets out looking for a good investment, and they were not disappointed. Odense Investor Summit is the largest event of its kind for direct investments in the world-famous Danish robotics cluster. With an estimated growth of up to 300% by 2025, the Danish robotics industry offers a unique investment opportunity, creating a level of interest greater than ever before.

“Odense has become the place for exchange of money in robotics. We are deeply humbled by the massive international attention created by Odense Investor Summit. Both Danish and international guests are very impressed by the community they see here. The entire robotics ecosystem supports and lifts each other 100%. For instance, producers of industry robots gladly accept drones and healthcare robots. Companies of all sizes help each other, and their pitches spanned from 0.5 to 10 million, no eyebrows raised. This type of collaboration is unique and helped set the stage for a terrific event,” says Michael Hansen, Investment Manager, Invest in Odense.

The summit attracted a large delegation of Danish and international journalists from countries including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada and the US. One of them, US journalist and financial advisor, John Santagate, from Boston-based consultancy IDC, agrees with Michael Hansen:

”Seen from the outside, there can be no doubt that Odense is the place for collaborative robots. The support from the local authority and the strength of the network of investors and employees across the companies are essential.”

Partner at Nordic Eye, Michael Tandrup, agrees: “As an investor, it is a joy to see how the collaboration thrives and boosts the value of the robotics cluster in Odense. I have seen this event grow together with the companies over the past four years, and I’m very impressed.”

The companies that delivered their pitch also left Odense Investor Summit with a good feeling.

“This was an excellent event which confirmed that many are interested in joining us on our future journey. At the same time, we experienced an increased understanding of the many options offered by our business model,” says Claus Risager, CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics, which develops professional service robots for the health, hotel, construction and agricultural sectors.

“It’s impressing that Odense can create an event of such an international calibre. I established contact with two to three new Danish and three to four international potential investors,” adds a satisfied Jesper Bach, CEO of TriVision, whose vision technology helps prevent 10,000 tonnes of food waste each year.

Peter Hartvigsen, CEO of Kobots – Voice Responsive Robotics, was also pleased with the event. He took home five interesting leads from potential investors, distributors and customers.

One of Denmark’s fastest growing industries

Since 2015, more than DKK 5.5 billion have been invested in the robotics businesses in Odense. The synergy of the cluster is well-known worldwide.

“There is little doubt that Odense is the epicentre of the Danish robotics industry and that it will multiply in size in the coming years. At the same time, Odense has become one of the most dynamic places in Europe to develop your robotics business. The attendance at the event shows that we have managed to gather all the right people from companies, public authorities, investors, education and research” concludes Mikkel Christoffersen, Cluster Director at Odense Robotics.

The robotics cluster has thus moved one step closer to realising the vision of the Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel, to turn Odense into the world’s leading robotics city.

(Photo: Nicolas Cosedis)


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