Scaling up: Chinese founded robotic company settles in Odense

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The Chinese founded company SYD Dynamics moves from Southern Jutland to the Science Park in Odense to reach their goal of developing the company from the experiential stage as a start up and to becoming a profitable scale up company.

SYD Dynamics was founded in 2015 by three Chinese students that were pursuing their masters in Sønderborg, a small city in Southern Denmark. In 2017 they got the idea to invent a motion sensor, which has further been developed into a complete solution of motion sensing technologies, allowing the unit to find its position in a 3D environment.

On April 1st, SYD Dynamics moved into new facilities at the Science Park in Odense. They recognized that they needed academic input as well as customer insight, and that Odense as the optimal place for that. By choosing the Science Park they found the right facilities, great potential for sparring and support from the robotic cluster.

Henrik Theisler, CEO, SYD Dynamics is excited about their change of environment: “We feel that the Science Park is the right home for a company, which needs to develop itself through the processes and challenges, which SYD Dynamics is facing. We look forward to collaborate with the other robotic companies in Odense”.


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