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Business opportunities in Greenland made possible in Odense: Scandinavian Avionics and Integra

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Scandinavian Avionics and Integra have gone into cooperation with Aarhus University about the establishment of the Villum Research Station in Greenland. As cooperation increases, both organizations need expanded test and service facilities for drones. They found that in Odense.

Both companies quickly found the UAS Test Center Denmark’s facilities in Odense attractive as a site for developing new technologies. Furthermore, easy access to airtime sealed the deal for the cooperation to take their joint forces to Odense.

The facilities of the test center include office space so that the two organizations can be located at a short distance from the test field itself. Furthermore, the short distance allows the companies to do quick tests and change the configuration of sensors and other hardware.

First part of the Scandinavian Avionics and Integra joint venture includes agreements with Aarhus University in relations to the establishment of the Research Station Villum in Greenland. On a concrete level, they will fit a so-called Penguin B fixed-wing drone from UAV Factory with sensors and do extensive testing, before sending the drone to Greenland.


UAS Denmark
Besides having a unique site for testing, the Danish industrial network “UAS Denmark” comprising drone manufacturers, operators, universities and other stakeholders is also located in Odense, which strengthens the drone ecosystem in Odense and makes it the perfect place for developing new drone technologies. In this particular case, the network will provide Scandinavian Avionics and Integra with a powerful knowledge base in a UAS-friendly environment.

The UAS Test Center Denmark facilities at Hans Christian Andersen Airport are ideal for the creation of joint ventures and research tasks in public-private partnerships between actors such as Scandinavian Avionics, Integra and Aarhus University.

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