Invest in Odense case: Scape Technologies, China Embassy 2016

Business development and foreign investment partnership: Scape Technologies enters the Chinese market

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A year and a half has passed since Scape Technologies engaged in an investment partnership with Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control CO., Ltd. (Maxonic) and consequently entered the Chinese market. A partnership made possible by Scape Technologies’ business development strategies which utilized multiple actors in Odense’s robotic environment.

Foreign Investment PartnershipScape signing ceremony
A year into their joint venture, reports are positive. Ten Bin-Picking systems have been sold in China thus far and have received good market feedback.

By forming an investment partnership Scape Technologies ensured mutual interests, local market knowledge, better funding for both their market introduction and in general, focused sales efforts and a faster time to market.

The CEO of Scape, Søren Bøving: “China is a very exciting market for Scape Technologies, but also a very difficult market to succeed in alone. Thus we have decided to build the market up together with Maxonic, which already at this point in time has proven to be a competent cooperation partner. Additionally, the newly raised funds from Maxonic will be used to increase our growth on our existing markets, hence we see this agreement as a big step in the right direction for Scape Technologies.”

Maxonic was a desirable partner as they operate 21 offices throughout China and have a portfolio of several thousand industrial customers. Apart from product distribution, Maxonic has developed its own in-house teams for product development, production, and system solutions. Additionally, as a strong vertically integrated enabler based in Parametric robot control (PRC), Maxonic has also joined forces with Scape Technologies’ business partners to secure local sourcing, product development and assembly in China, resulting in cheaper hardware costs for Scape Technologies.

Leveraging Local Sources
What makes Scape Technologies so innovative, is that they were the first company worldwide to develop a standardized bin-picking system that enables robot arms to see, find and grip components rScape Technologies, China Embassyandomly placed in pallet-bins and boxes. Through the robotic ecosystem of Odense, Scape Technologies was able to develop their business and properly position themselves to successfully expand to China.

Today, Scape Technologies’ Bin-Picker runs on a variety of industry standard robots. The benefits of Scape Technologies’ Bin-Picking systems are that it enables flexibility, continuous operation, it is durable and offers an optimal return on investment. The value of Scape Technologies’ technology is recognized internationally as companies such as Audi, VW, Loval, Benteler and many more utilize Scape Technologies’ Bin-Picking systems in their factories.


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