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In May of 2015, Boeing’s subsidiary Insitu and its ScanEagle UAS successfully conducted Denmark’s first ever beyond visual-line-of sight flight in civil airspace. The test flight took place during Nordic UAS Event 2015 in Odense and put Denmark on the map as a UAS nation.

UAS Denmark

At the event, the Danish UAS manufacturer Sky-Watch and Boeing met like many times before. However, this time, they agreed to form a deal about joining forces. Both companies have a common need for bright minds and wish to gather technological innovation and development in a UAS center focused on pioneering technology.

In December 2015, Sky-Watch and Boeing agreed to enter into a partnership with the aim at establishing joint test and research facilities – a so called R&D-center – with analysis starting in 2016.

In January 2016, the two aviation technology experts have committed themselves to investigate how their common goal will benefit each other.

In the first part of 2016, the primary aim was to identify the technological focus and the development of a plan for establishing the facilities. The long-term goal is to share high-tech knowledge, commissioning projects and enter into global consortia with the aim at creating jobs and gathering brainpower.

UAS Test Center Denmark
UAS Test Center Denmark (located at HCA Airport in Odense) has since 2011 strived towards becoming one of the leading centers for test and innovation of UAS systems in Europe – the so-called Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

The creation of both UAS Denmark and the national UAS Test Center Denmark has meant that they hold a strong cluster of technology. As an industrial network comprising UAS manufacturers, operators, universities and other UAS stakeholders, their aim is to influence the industry and move a growing business forward.

UAS Denmark and UAS Test Center Denmark are constantly developing the opportunities for specialized UAS and robotics technology in the airport. Thus, also making it a formidable robotics cluster for the development of new technologies with robots and UAS´s in collaboration.

Boeing and Sky-Watch have benefited from our UAS knowledge base. By commencing on the initial talks of establishing one common test and research center, the two organizations will gather the best minds for common projects. In other words, UAS Test Center Denmark in Odense is the ideal platform for forming partnerships between a big aerospace company like Boeing and innovative UAS manufacturers such as Sky-Watch.

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