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Stable Gear: Odense is the place to be!

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For the robotic startup company Stable Gear (building autonomous rovers for the outdoor industry) it was obvious to place the company in Odense, even though the two founders Bo Bojesen Bøgh and Klaus Kesje are both living on Zealand more than 100 kilometers away.

“It happens in Odense! Odense has become the center for robotics. There is no other place in Denmark where people actually know so much about robotics. Here we can get connected to Odense Robotics, Danish Technological Institute, investors and even suppliers and subcontractors”, says Klaus Kesje.

Stable Gear pitched for investors at Odense Investor Summit in November 2016, and Klaus Kesje was impressed: “It was like coming home. We were surrounded by people focusing on robotics and production. A lot of people believe that Denmark is a knowledge society, but in Odense and on Funen it seems that people have realized that production is essential. People here are speaking our language!”

The ecosystem and the collaboration among the participants is valuable for Stable Gear. That’s why they have chosen to relocate the company to Datavej 15 where Gibotech is situated. “Gibotech has a lot of good things going on. And the CEO Henrik Anker is a fantastic man. We can learn a lot from them, and they can provide us resources and competences and connect us to relevant partners. And we can inspire them with our startup mindset. There should be a lot of synergies”, says Klaus Kesje.

Klaus Kesje feels that Odense has an interest in Stable Gear and the robotics ecosystem: “I just got a mail from the mayor. And at his new year’s reception in January we had a talk with him about our company. We really feel that we are being noticed.”

Stable Gear is moving in with Gibotech with the two founders – and huge expansion plans.


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