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Startups move to Odense to be part of Odense Robotics StartUp Hub

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Odense Robotics StartUp Hub was established to help startup companies in the City of Odense to grow faster. The StartUp Hub has become a sound success and now both national as well as international startup companies are moving to Odense to get connected to the ecosystem and apply to participate in the hub.

Core Dynamics – From scratch to Odense
Core Dynamics is a newly established company whose mission is to “enable the end-users by innovating the essentials of robotics through energy dense modules and easy to use integration”. That mission covers a state-of-the-art integration tool, ready to use on all Universal Robots collaborative robot arms.

The founder of Core Dynamics, Peter Billeschou, was studying at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense and the closer his product came to go-to-market, the more he realized that he had to establish a company. At the time, the easiest way to do so was to use his uncle’s company, which made it easier to buy components and get credit – a typical scenario for startup companies.

They needed a lot of help in the beginning to help finish the product. One path to success could be via the StartUp Hub in Odense. There are some requirements for joining the Hub, for example that the company has to be located in Odense. As of August 18th, Core Dynamics is located in Odense and is applying to join the Hub. They will present their solution for the board within the next couple of months.

The Hub has helped many companies. A typical course for companies involves the following steps:

  1. The company gets help from the Danish Technological Institute to finish the product
  2. Free office space and access to equipment
  3. Access to external investors
  4. Expert advise on developing a business plan
  • And a lot of other very useful people help the startups to become a success.

Tendo – From Lund to Odense
Tendo is a Swedish company producing a slim glove-like exoskeleton with built in sensor technology that adds strength to the finger movement. It is developed to enable people with weak muscular function in the hands and fingers to exercise and regain the ability to do everyday activities. The Tendo tool only covers two fingers to enable the pinch-grip. The technology, which is placed on the forearm, fits under the user’s sleeve. The slim and light design makes Tendo unique because it is considerably smaller than the competitors on the market. This also has a very positive effect on the users’ feeling of being self-reliant and living a normal life. The Tendo aid offers a unique combination of artificial support and exercise for the muscles, thus making the user regain the strength while wearing it.

The growth potential for Tendo is very promising in the sense that it is a technological innovation that meets the market demands. Additionally, both the technology and design are well ahead of competitors.

Sofie Woge, CEO of Tendo, first learned about Odense when she was part of the University Start Up World Cup in the fall of 2016. There she heard about the StartUp Hub and became interested in joining the hub and becoming part of the strong ecosystem in Odense.

“Finding an environment for a robotic and med-tech startup is a challenge. So we were immediately interested when we saw the lab facilities at the Robothall at Danish Technological Institute in Odense. Just being here around people with expertise in robotics, mechanics and also business development is perfect for us at the stage we are at now. The city of Odense is only two hours by car from Lund so we consider it within our region”, says Sofie Woge, CEO of Tendo.


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