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When Tunstall Nordic earlier this year acquired the Odense based company EWII Telecare for an unspecified double-digit million Euro and turned it into Tunstall Health, one of the main reasons was that EWII Telecare was prequalified for the Joint Tender of Telemedicine for people with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) run by the Danish regions and municipalities.

In 2017, the Joint Tender of Telemedicine received a total of 27 applications from qualified suppliers to employee and citizen solutions, after which the field in February 2018 was narrowed to 10 prequalified suppliers. Five suppliers of citizen solutions have now been finally selected, of which the three have also been chosen as a supplier of employee solutions.

Tunstall Health is among the three chosen suppliers for both citizen and employee solutions, which means that Tunstall Health has a framework agreement that lasts for a period of four years and is expected to be ready for operation in 2020. In Denmark approximately 10,000 people suffering from COPD will be part of these solutions.

Managing Director in Tunstall Health, Mads Wojtynka, who led the negotiations with Tunstall Nordic on behalf of EWII Telecare, is very pleased with the result of the tender and with being part of the Tunstall “family”.

“For us it is a win-win situation. The Tunstall Group can be a door opener for us outside of Denmark on a long-term basis. In return we can boost the digital development in the Tunstall Group. Denmark is a frontrunner within this field, and we are now among the three preferred suppliers in Denmark”, he says.

Mads Wojtynka sees great opportunities for Tunstall, and he is certain that a good position in Denmark is a great platform to conquer the rest of Europe.

“The people with COPD are the ones with most days in hospitals. The Danish health system is starting with this group of patients and then move on to other groups. The challenges are the same in every country and billions are invested in order to find the best solutions. We can use our experience from the Danish market to enter other markets and to lobby for the right solutions. In the end it is all about better living conditions for the people”, Mads Wojtynka continues.

The demographic situation in most countries and the fact that Tunstall Health has been working on these patient friendly solutions for a long time indicates that Tunstall Health will be one of the main health tech companies in Odense in the future.


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