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The (drone) city of Odense proves its worth yet again

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The election of Odense as one of four test cities in Europe for drone demonstrations is another win for Odense as a leading drone city.

The SESAR Horizon 2020 PODIUM project will demonstrate unmanned aircraft system traffic management (UTM) services, procedures and technologies at four operational sites in Denmark, France and the Netherlands throughout 2018 and 2019. The PODIUM project supports U-space, the European Commission’s vision for the safe, secure and efficient handling of drone traffic as a key enabler for the growing drone market to generate economic and societal benefits.

UTM solutions will be demonstrated for visual line of sight (VLOS) and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone flights. The scope covers very low-level operations in rural and urban areas, near airports, in uncontrolled and controlled airspace, and in mixed environments with manned aviation.

Michael Larsen, Commercial Director at UAS Denmark, is very satisfied: “The fact that the PODIUM project has settled upon Odense as a test city is a testament to the worth, potential and advanced test facilities our city has to offer. With the expertise of the Danish project partners Integra Aerial Services and Naviair as key players in the project, it is a privilege to contribute to the rapid development of an industry, which will cut costs and revolutionize the way we think of aerial tasks.”

The project will highlight the important role of UTM in providing a mutual traffic situational awareness for the involved local actors – including air traffic management (ATM) – to facilitate their day to day drone management. PODIUM will contribute to de-risking the operational and industrial deployment of UTM by demonstrating a comprehensive web based UTM system.

PODIUM is expected to be formally kicked-off in January 2018, starting with a survey of UTM users to collect their needs and priorities.


UAS Denmark – International Test Center & Cluster:

UAS Denmark is a cooperation between Hans Christian Andersen Airport, Odense Municipality, Developing Fyn and the University of Southern Denmark. Their vision is that by combining the efforts of a vibrant testing environment with a strong UAS ecosystem in the international league they want to accelerate the drone innovation and use hereof.

As one of the only test centers in Europe, they combine the unique elements of a BVLOS airspace ready to use over sea without interference from other aviation. The cluster has over 150 members and it is growing bigger and stronger every day.


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