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The Odense drone adventure – now with a Chinese touch

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The newly established drone cluster is rapidly developing. Its growth has been accelerated by the expansion of the test area around HCA Airport, the University of Southern Denmark’s increased focus on drone research and the purchase of a 2250 square meter hangar in HCA Airport, which is to be used as a drone lab. It has not passed by unnoticed in the foreign countries. Due to a close collaboration between Invest in Denmark and Invest in Odense we are now welcoming the first Chinese company in the cluster: RobSense Technology, which develops special drone swarming technology with a matching software platform.


The advantages of Odense

Chinese RobSense Technology has just set up a department in Denmark. There are several good reasons to why the company chose to settle in Odense.

“We have followed the development in Odense closely. The inspiring drone environment can in the long term grow to an international craft center. We would like to be a part of that”, says director and founder Jay Jin, which is thrilled by the thought of the potential of the drone cluster.

It is the combination of established networks, good framework conditions and an interesting research environment, that caught the eye of RobSense Technology.

“The industry network for drones, UAS Denmark, and the attractive test facilities at HCA Airport, the dedicated air space, the close relation to the robotic cluster in Odense and the possibility of entering a possible research collaboration with SDU, makes it obvious to move to Odense. There are other drone centers in the world, but here it really forms a synthesis”, Jay Jin continues.

The possibility for entering a dialogue with the academic world is especially interesting for the newly arrived company. RobSense Technology develops programmable control units for drones and a SwarmLink Gateway, which can handle the communication between several drones. The drone swarm technology is supported by an open source software solution, which opens for several interested users’ further developments and optimizations of the control unit and hereby also for several specialized collaborations with the local research environment and other public and private actors.


Ready for takeoff

The collaboration with the public actors has given RobSense Technology a great start. After the first meeting in China spring 2017, Invest in Denmark quickly matched the demand with local Danish possibilities. Invest in Denmark is not only present in foreign countries, but also has nine investment managers placed locally in the three Danish regions west of the Great Belt. Among these, there is an employee with special insight in the field of robotics and drones that is in close contact with Invest in Odense and others about attracting investors.

”The professional counseling about our establishment, which we have gotten from Invest in Denmark, has opened up some important doors to the Funen drone environment. Now we are looking forward to starting and having the industry network for drones, UAS Denmark, and other good local forces as our sparring partners”, stated Jay Jin.

RobSense Technology’s new office will start out with two employees. The company will continuously expand concurrently with an increasing activity level. While Odense is a way to the inspiring Danish drone market, the companies’ presence in the drone cluster must in the long run work as a spring board for a regular entry on the European market.


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