The robotics cluster attracts Swedish company to Odense

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The Swedish company RobNor has several years of service behind them, however they still see the possibilities of collaborating. That is one of the reasons why they have chosen to move to Odense and become a part of the robotics cluster and its network.

RobNor is a Swedish company based in Malmø, which since 2010 has delivered automation projects and services within painting solutions to the industry in several countries. RobNor wants to become better at offering solutions to the Danish market and for that reason from March 1st, they will establish a Danish sales office in Forskerparken, Odense.

Even though RobNor is well established in Sweden and uses only ABB robots in their solutions as authorized as a “ABB Authorized Value Provider”, RobNor can see the potential in being a part of the robotic cluster and collaborating with Odense Robotics, which has been the main reason for their establishment in Odense, Atle Rettedal, Chairman of the board, RobNor explains.

They want to become a part of the Funen cluster, so that they can work on creating increased competition among their customers in the Northern and other European industries. This they can see a potential of increasing by becoming a collaborator. Also, the support given from other actors, such as Invest in Odense, Odense Robotics, Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and ABB in Denmark, made the establishment of RobNor ApS in Odense easy, Atle Retterdal says.

Even though the practical experience in working with painting robots reaches back to the early 80’s, RobNor will, when established in Odense as of March 1st, become the only 100 % dedicated supplier of painting robotic solutions in Denmark.


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