The robotics cluster in Odense is accelerating its rapid growth

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The robotics cluster in Odense is growing at a high speed and faster than expected. During the last two years the number of companies and the number of employees have grown by +40 %. There are now 120 companies in the robotics cluster. These companies employed 3,200 people at the end of 2017 – with the number expected to grow to 4,300 at the end of 2019. Odense has the highest concentration of companies in the robot and automation industry in Denmark (and probably in Europe). A new Insight Report from Odense Robotics highlights the growth – today and in the future.

A young “cobotics” cluster
The report shows that that we are dealing with a young cluster. Only a quarter of the companies were founded before 1990, whilst around half of the companies in the cluster today were founded since 2010. Odense is the birthplace of cobots, the fastest growing category within robotic technology. The cluster is also emerging as a leading innovator within mobile robots. A total of 26 companies work with collaborative and/or mobile robots and related products, either as a producer, integrator or distributor.

Good to be based in Odense
More than two thirds say that being based in the Odense area is an advantage for their business – a significant increase from around 46 % in 2015. The positive view of the Odense area as a prime location for business is an instrumental factor in attracting new companies and talent to the area.

“The figures in this report speak for themselves. The cluster of robot and automation companies in and around Odense is growing – faster than expected. And with significant untapped potential. Given the rapid growth, the high number of new companies and a booming global market, I am sure that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg as far as growth is concerned,” says Mikkel Christoffersen, Business Manager, Odense Robotics.

Read the full report here.


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