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“This is a great idea! Now I want to make money”

Invest in Odense cases, Health Tech

A new health tech start up program for stubborn and ambitious start ups and students in Southern Denmark.

To take part in the new health tech start up program you don’t need to have a CVR number yet. What you do need is an idea for a healthcare solution, and the stubbornness to work hard to make it happen – even though they meet questions, critique or other bumps on the road.

The participants get access to commercial minded business developers; relevant user groups and facilitated networking with the other participants in the group.

The program is called Pre Scale Up – health and welfare. It is financed by Syddansk Vækstforum and The European Social Fund, and is facilitated by the company Public Intelligence, who has more than 10 years of experience with health tech business. Founder and CEO in Public Intelligence, Peter Julius, explains: “The most ambitious young people today have great belief in themselves and their ideas, and a dedication to work hard to make it happen. This program helps them accelerate faster, and work more focused”.

The commercial focus
For health tech companies and -start ups the customers are mostly municipalities and hospitals, and the understanding of the mechanisms in the public market is often a showstopper. Through the program they get access to a network of customers and experienced facilitators to get a better understanding of how to penetrate that market.

At a glance, the Pre Scale Up program is about:

  • Commercializing the idea
  • Understanding the public market: What are your selling points towards the public market, and what are the key priorities for your customer?
  • Strengths and weaknesses in the team /the start up.
  • Strategy: Making or sharpening the Strategy for product development and sale

It is a four-day program spread over two months. The program is a mix of introduction to tools; individual work to activate the tools in the companies and individual counseling between the sessions.

Peter Julius highlights two reasons to support the program:
First, it’s the focus on health tech. This secure that all the participants get very concrete advice for their company and about the market they are entering. Second, it is the commercial focus. A lot of people in the health tech business have this big heart and ideas about “higher level of care” or “saving the world”. In this program the focus is to get a higher revenue and saving your own business. That is what helps them accelerate and make business.

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